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Happiness in the little moments.

13 Jun

The first thing that entered my eyes when I woke up was the sunlight streaming through the slits in your blinds. I had to blink several times before my eyes got used to the soft glow that was illuminating your room. Yawning and rubbing my eyes, I couldn’t help but pause and smile when I saw the photo of you as a child on the wall. Standing next to your brother, you looked so adorable with your hands behind your back and smiling mischievously. Who knew you would grow up to be such a serious man?

My smile became wider as I turned and saw you sleeping peacefully right next to me, with your arm next to mine. We fell asleep holding hands, as we usually did. Sleeping and waking up next to you has always been what made me happiest in the world.

Looking at the time on the clock next to the bed, I realised I had woken up too early. I couldn’t get out of bed either and risk waking you up from your peaceful slumber – not that I wanted to either. I wanted to just lay there and bask in the beauty of that moment – with the sunlight warming our skin and the sounds of your slow, yet steady breaths. There isn’t much that is more wonderful than this happiness.

You murmured something under your breath and I laughed. It didn’t sound like you were having a nightmare but I still wanted to hold you in my arms – to feel your soft skin against mine. Whether or not I was the big spoon or the little spoon, I just loved the feel of you around me. There was nothing that could compare, not even satin. As good as it felt on the skin, you felt a hundred times better. You are a hundred times better than anything I’ve ever known.

Closing my eyes, I couldn’t help but remember the night before.

I was already in bed by the time you turned off the lights and slid in with me. I wasn’t feeling as tired as I should be, or more like I didn’t want to waste time sleeping when I could be awake with you. You slid your arm under my neck as I lay my head against your strong chest. I could listen to your heartbeat which has always been one of my favourite sounds. When I sighed, you asked what was wrong. I told you nothing but you probably didn’t believe me. Honestly, I was just content. I felt like we were in our own little world and I never wanted that to end.

In the darkness of the room, we discussed anything that came to mind but all I wanted to do was listen to your voice. Soft, gentle, silvery are all words I could use to describe it but none of them could describe how beautiful your voice was; I just wanted to listen to it forever. In my opinion, there is not a more wonderful sound than your dulcet tones.

Somehow, the conversation had slowly stopped and you told me to go to sleep. I didn’t want to sleep though, I just wanted to bask in the moment but before long, I was drifting off and sleep had claimed me as his captive. Sometimes, I was scared of falling asleep because I often had nightmares but when I was next to you, I never had them. Sleeping next to you always provided the best sleep I would ever have.

The last thing I felt before falling sleep, was your fingers tightening around mine and the warm glow of happiness that filled my heart.