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Otome Games

15 Oct

I’m not sure whether this may come as a surprise to you all or not, but I play otome games. An otome game is simply a visual novel that has a female protagonist, and is made for a female audience – usually a dating simulation game although there are a few titles that do not involve romance developing between you and the other characters. I play them on my iphone because it’s easiest for me but I think I’ll end up buying a few on amazon when I purchase a nintendo 3ds at the end of the year. They’re really fun and if you’re a fangirl like me, you’ll end up smiling and getting caught up in the story that you’re weaving yourself into.

There are a few companies that create otome games for IOS in english like Libre, Voltage and Ntt Solmare. My favourite games are all made by Ntt Solmare because they offer the best prices and the stories are instant. What I mean by that is that whilst there are English otome games that are free, they come with a price – your time. They work by giving you a limited amount of energy each day and they can take about a month to complete the whole volumes. The most popular distributor for these games is probably Voltage who label them as “For Gree” which is a japanese social networking site. There are quite a few of them ranging from situations such as bodyguards to celebrities and knights. Then you’ve got the other free ones – the ones from Voltage that offer you the games free to download which usually just provides you with the prologue. You’ve got to purchase each guy separately and each guy costs approximately $4.50 in the Aus Apple Store. The storylines that Voltage have are really interesting and the art is also gorgeous (as with most of the otome games I’ve seen for iphone) but they will probably clean out your apple accounts.

Libre has one game for offer which is called 2/2 Lover – Angels and Demons. This one is free and it is probably the most beautiful I’ve played. Everyday you get one pink heart for the character you tap the most the previous day and they will build up to lead you into the next stage of your relationship. The two characters show up depending on the time of the day but you can switch their times around. Hinata (the angel) will offer you a fortune reading each day but that’s in japanese. The best thing about this app is that the characters are animated and speak. Yes, they have japanese voices (but you can read the words in english) and they also provide incentive for you to log on every day as you get rewards as alarms. The first reward I received was an alarm with Hinata’s voice. The second which I’m currently going for is Setsuna’s voice. The additional purchases made for this app is for the last stage and to limit the amount of blue hearts that you can accumulate (which pushes your progress backwards) and they cost $5.50 each.

Ntt Solmare have three free games and six paid games under the ‘Shall we date’ banner. Their three free games are the ones which involve a social component : Destiny Ninja, Ninja Love for Gree and My Sweet Prince+. Their paid games are: Heian Love, Ninja Love, My Sweet prince, Actor to be, Konkatsu for Marriage and a newly released one with actual human models, In Love: Memories can’t wait. I am currently playing Destiny Ninja and Ninja Love but I’m up to the final character and my next one will probably be My Sweet Prince. I’ve finished Konkatsu For Marriage (which I LOVED) and I’ve got Heian Love but the art wasn’t as great so I stopped playing for awhile however Heian Love is the one with the best bang for your buck as it provided me with 5 characters when I purchased it. I probably won’t bother with Actor to be and In Love as the art isn’t as nice as I’d like.

I think I’ll create walkthroughs for The Ninja in Love game and maybe the others if I can be bothered. I know there are a few walkthroughs available on the net but they didn’t include the walkthrough for the side stories. So if you’re interested, watch this space.

In the meantime, otome games are great fun even if you’re dating someone and you’ll surely fall in love as I did.



La Belle Miette : Macaron High Tea ~ Six Mother’s Day Flavours

10 May

It seems as though La Belle Miette releases limited edition macarons around special occasions (such as Easter and Valentines Day) and Mother’s Day is no different. In anticipation of this year’s Mother’s Day, they have released six limited Edition macarons with the theme High Tea in mind.

On the Menu:

Cucumber Sandwiches – Delicate finger sandwiches filled with cucumber and mint

Pink Champagne – Mumm French champagne for mum! A cocktail with fresh raspberries

Berry Cheesecake – A decadent cake with forest berries

Devonshire Tea – Homemade scones with jam and cream

Opera Cake – A work in six acts; alternating layers of almond cake, coffee cream and chocolate

Chocolate Brownie – A classic chocolate slice to finish, with crushed walnuts

La Belle Miette High Tea Macarons

L-R : Chocolate Brownie, Opera Cake, Devonshire tea, Berry Cheesecake, Pink Champagne & Cucumber Sandwiches

Cucumber Sandwiches.

This beautiful mint green macaron tasted more of mint than of cucumber but I suppose that’s to be expected as cucumbers don’t have a strong flavour. The taste of cucumber was faint, but it was definitely there and the mint… well, it tasted wonderfully fresh. I don’t know how that’s possible, to have such a fresh taste in a baked good but this macaron is proof.

Cucumber Sandwiches


Pink Champagne

Not as flavoursome as the cucumber sandwiches macaron, the taste of the sugary shells overwhelmed the taste of the pink champagne. I could only taste the champagne in the centre, where the filling was thickest and even then, the taste wasn’t as obvious.



Berry Cheesecake

I could taste the slight tang of the ‘cheesecake’ however, the taste of the forest berries was lost on me. It just tasted quite sweet and not too berry-like.


IMG_7578Devonshire Tea

Please excuse the broken and crushed shell… it got damaged in transition.

This one had what appeared to be either icing sugar or flour dusted on top which was a very cute touch in my opinion. The taste, well it really made me want to have a cup of green tea, instead of my cup of water but my teapot has gone missing…. Anyhow, I loved this one. The ‘jam’ is delicious and I’m not sure how a cream taste was supposed to show but the overall taste is quite nice. The shell wasn’t quite as sugary as the Pink Champagne so the jam filling in the centre (the purple) really gave it it’s zing.



Opera Cake 

This one is my favourite out of the six, and I’m really sad that it’s only limited edition. The filling is chocolate and coffee cream and since a macaron shell is made of almond flour… this one really does fulfill it’s description. The coffee cream was really smooth, flavoursome and delicious. It was also the strongest flavour and it’s what makes this one so delicious. Seriously – you need to try this one, especially the coffee lovers out there!



Chocolate Brownie

If a brownie was turned into a macaron, I’m convinced it would taste like this. The chocolate taste was not overwhelming and it wasn’t as heavy as one might think. It wasn’t as chocolate-y as any of the other one ones in their permanent range but I think that’s what makes me think of brownies. The walnut is a good addition to the taste, it add’s that extra little something.




Overall, I actually enjoyed this collection of macarons. The Cucumber sandwich one was definitely the most interesting and the Opera Cake was the most delicious. 




Whimsical Nail Polish by Pam : Kitty Glitter Review

10 Jan

Hi guys!

I’m sorry about the lack of posts over the past month, I guess I didn’t really feel like writing. Things weren’t that great I suppose as I had received my atar score. The mark I received was one that I wasn’t happy with but I can’t really go back in time to fix it so I’ll just have to hope for the best. I also was quite busy with family events and I hope you all had a great christmas and a happy new year! I think the next holiday coming up is Lunar New year, on the 10th of February, 4 days before Valentines day 🙂

Today, I’ve got a polish review for you: Kitty Glitter from Whimsical Nail Polish by Pam.

Kitty Glitter is a beautiful seafoam blue jelly with pieces of differently sized silver hexagonal glitter. It is quite a sheer polish, needing 5 coats to be opaque. However, I found that the polish dried amazingly fast and I didn’t need to wait too long between coats (about 2-5 minutes) and it was perfect within 15 minutes of top coat! I didn’t get any bumps from it not setting properly – it was really the best polish I’ve tried so far in terms of formula 🙂 The glitter turned  out a bit bumpy but two coats of top coat made it quite smooth.

Kitty Glitter is a really beautiful polish that I think would be a great addition to anyone’s polish collection. I don’t have any dupes of it. It’s available from Whimsical Ideas by Pam for $10 however, she only currently ships within the US which is unfortunate for us Aussie girls but if you can somehow manage to get a few of her polishes, you won’t regret it 🙂

photo (6)1

photo (7)1

photo (2)1

photo (3)1


photo (4)1

A week of shopping

3 Dec

I spent most of the week before last working. It was really tough but it was worth it to get my paycheck which I’ve spent now… with a week’s worth of shopping (most of which I haven’t received yet). In comparison to facebook posts from other girls about their shopping, I don’t think I’ve bought too much and since I’m not going to Schoolies, I thought why not pamper myself?


This is from a Revlon Sale, the Melbourne Central VIP night ( I forgot it’s actual name!), Priceline’s Revlon buy one get one free sale and a Butter London run a few weeks ago.

Revlon Sale.

So last weekend was Revlon’s big warehouse sale at the Melbourne Showgrounds. It ran from Friday until the Sunday and I went on both Friday (with my best friend) and on Saturday (with my sister). On both occasions I spent about $40-$50. I haven’t shown you here but I did buy a few more nail polishes for my aunt. Everything was very cheap, with prices from $2- $10, depending on the items.

IMG_5905Coral me Wild, Not So Blueberry, Tuscan Sun, Get Reddy & Pretty In Papaya $2 Each


Electric, Timeless, Ocean Breeze $2 Each


ColorStay Pressed Powder $4, ColorStay Blemish Concealer $3, Super Lustrous Lipstick, Living Lipstick, Colorburst lip butter $5 each


Colourburst lip butter in 050Berry Smoothie, Super Lustrous lipstick in 420Blushed, Living Lipstick in 14Hot Coral, Super Lustrous lipstick in Coralberry $5 Each


ColorStay Aqua Mineral Makeup, ColorStay Aqua Mineral Finishing powder, Photoready makeup, Age Defying with DNA advantage Cream makeup $5 each ( I think)


Touch & Glow Face Powder $4

As you can tell, this was a really great sale. Everything was heavily reduced. I think I saved the most on the foundations since they are usually around $30 each I think. The lipsticks were the most expensive product but I think they were trying to just have an even price across all the types they were selling as it was just all in boxes. I haven’t tried anything but the pressed powder and it sets my make-up marvellously. It reduces shine and it doesn’t leave dry patches or anything.

Revlon Buy One Get One Free Sale


Radiant, Sparkling, Blue Lagoon, Popular

These were $14 each so in total I saved $28 which isn’t as much of a bargain as the polishes from the Revlon sale but they didn’t have these sort of polishes at the sale. Fairy Cake, Fishwife, Sprog, Blagger

I purchased these off the Butter London run a few weeks ago. I just received them last week though which was a really long wait. However they did mention that they were moving warehouses so that’s why they took that long. However, what really upset me was that I received my dispatch notice on Saturday and I received them on Thursday which was more than 15 days after purchase and after my best friend’s birthday party and I bought one for her… I was pretty angry about that. But she received it so it was good. These were $14 each and the postage was $11. The formula is really lovely.

Melbourne Central Sale 


The cuff was from Valleygirl and they ere having a 30% off sale. The necklace was from Colette when they had their 20% off sale. I also bought a pair of silver rectangular earrings and I got a pair of free false diamond studs from Colette (although I didn’t remember them when I took this photo). I really like the cuff as I don’t have any gold necklaces, I thought a cuff might be better to accompany my gold earrings and rings. The necklace is similar to one I have already but this one has loose spikes whereas the other has triangular flat shapes.

Movies with my sister at Chadstone 

So I went to the movies with my sister yesterday and watched Skyfall. I liked the movie and I’m glad I went to the cinema to see it. I would recommend you do the same. I also went to Diva with her where there were certain items that were 50% off. This pair of earrings was one of them. I really love animal designs and I just couldn’t not buy these. I love the leopard heads!
I also went to T2 to pick up a box of my favourite tea, the China Jasmine tea. This is the tea that I always offer guests and everybody loves it. It’s really nice. It’s like the tea that Asian restaurants (Chinese and Vietnamese) offer you for free. The teabags at the supermarkets that are also green tea and jasmine can’t compare at all. I’ve tried most of them now since I thought they would be more convenient for my personal use but the taste isn’t as yummy.  I also got two free samples that I haven’t tried yet.


Diva earrings $10


T2 China Jasmine tea $12

I’m really happy with my purchases and if there is anything you want a review of or want to know more about, please let me know. I also bought a pair of shorts, a skirt and a dress but I’ve already worn them all so I didn’t want to take a photo of them 😛

Thanks for reading! Until next time =D

Grocery Run

2 Dec

I discovered this shopping site that had really good deals and while I was making a different purchase (which I will later show you) , I found one of it’s other programs called Grocery Run. You can either buy from online or the app from the Apple Store.

There is a flat rate delivery price of $11 which I think is quite reasonable since you can buy as much as you want and groceries are pretty heavy! There are different deals everyday with a lot of goods that run for several days (from what I’ve seen). The run I purchased from was the one with lollies and it came within a few days of purchase! I think I ordered on Saturday and received my items on Wednesday.


2 x Herbal Essences Curls & Waves Cond. 300ml $5.00
2 x Huggies Soft Skin Baby Wipes 64pk $4.94
1 x Maynards Wine Gums 540g $5.99
1 x Haribo Strawberry Sour Straps 1.2Kg $6.50
1 x Maoam Kracher Fruity Chews 1.2kg $6.50
1 x Bassett Jelly Babies 540g $5.99
1 x Organix Coconut Milk Hair Repair 237ml $6.91

That was my order. I thought it was reasonably priced, even with the shipping included. The Herbal Essences conditioner was very well priced ($2.50 each in comparison to the $7 at Safeway!)


Maoam Kracher Fruity Chews

These are like mentos… except they are bigger and last longer! They aren’t the same flavours though but honestly, for the price I have no complaints. It’s like 1/15 of this for $2 at the shops. I bought this 1.2 kg for only $6.50.


Haribo Strawberry Sour Straps

One word: YUMMY!!!

You usually buy a small fraction of this at stores for $3-$5. I’ve been eating these like CRAZY! They are so yummy… It was worth it!


Bassett Jelly Babies and Maynards Wine Gums

They are lollie brands from the UK and so I decided to try them as they are supposed to be favourites of theirs. I decided… I didn’t like them that much. They are okay and I didn’t mind paying for them but yeah. I like Aussie and Asian lollies better. And these are definitely NOT like the normal aussie lollies, especially the jellybabies. They are coated in this white powder which I presume is supposed to preserve them and the texture is funny.


Huggies Soft Skin Baby Wipes

Okay, no I do not have a baby. I buy these for a different reason. You know how they say “as soft as a babies bum” when they refer to skin? Yeah well these work a treat as makeup removal wipes. They aren’t as expensive and honestly, if it’s good enough for the a baby’s bum, its good enough for my face (as weird as that sounds).


I highly recommend this grocery shopping service, especially if you don’t go to costco. Most of the items are in packs of 2 and they are nicely priced. They arrive quickly and completely intact and maybe you’ll find your bargain of the day.

Flying Chicken

27 Oct

Flying Chicken (or Yami Yami which is what it’s called now) is a korean restaurant located on Lonsdale Street. My friends and I decided to have korean after our festivities and many photos on Muck Up Day.

The day itself was quite fun ( or it would’ve been if I was on time for it ><“) with a pancake breakfast organised by the teachers and a jumping castle. I brought my DSLR to school and took quite a few photos of my friends and I which ended up quite nice. We also had assembly that nearly brought tears to my eyes. I can’t wait until I get my copy of the year 12 video!

I dressed up as a rockstar, complete with silver+leather jewellery, black boots, mini skirt and red lipstick. I did the look with my best friend J who looked great! Everybody else also looked great. A, S & L dressed up as rock paper scissors which i thought was fun. Another beloved blogger N dressed up as Mulan and her costume was perfect! C & A.K were Super Girl and Wonder Woman – they got heaps of male attention on the way to the restaurant xD

Anyways, back to the food. I booked ahead because we had quite a few people and I didn’t want to make them go all the way for nothing. When we got in, it was empty except for a lone diner. As lunch progressed, more and more people came in. Anyhow, we were seated at the back. They joined two tables together.

The View from the back.

The back wall

The Kitchen

The tables had these cool buttons that we could push when we wanted service. A.F liked pushing it heaps!

I’m not sure what everybody else ordered but I ordered Beef Bulgogi as usual and my best friend J ordered the special lunch Bibimbap which seems to be her usual as well.

My Beef Bulgogi & the usual sides: kimchi, gamja jorim (potato) and kongnamul (sprout salad)

The Beef bulgogi was nice. There was a lot of beef and onion. It was slightly spicy I think, more savoury than the sweeter bulgogi I had at Seoul Metro. I liked the kimchi side dish. I don’t think it was the cabbage one I was used to but a sweeter one. The gamja jorim was YUM! It was sweet and soft, we all loved that side dish. The kongnamul was plain, like usual.

J’s bibimbap

Spicy! I couldn’t even taste the beef bulgogi after eating a spoonful of this. It’s more spicy and flavoursome than the bibimbap at Seoul Metro but apparently not as good as Oriental Spoon (according to J)

Rating 82.5%

Service: 5/5

The waitress tried her best to be helpful and was quite cheerful and sweet. She never lost patience with us. The waiter was also cute 😛

Ambience: 4/5

It was a nice place to eat with friends – not too noisy for conversation and it was clean and not too bright. However, a mark is taken off for the music. it didn’t quite match.

Food: 4/5

It was nice and the dishes were big.

Price: 3.5/5

On par with other Korean places I’ve been too. Around 15-20$ per person.

You can find other reviews and pictures here

More La Belle Miette

17 Oct

Hi Guys!

So one of my goals is to try all the macarons at La Belle Miette however, everytime I go I always buy at least one Violet & Blueberry macarons (I LOVE THESE. My favourite flavour). I have to set myself some goals that each time I try a new one however I’m usually put off by some flavours.

This time I tried ‘Bastille’ – Moet et Chandon and Blackcurrant, Mariage Freres Earl Grey Chocolate, Lavender, Pimm’s & Pomegranate & Raspberry.

Bastille – Moet et Chandon and Blackcurrant.

I quite like this one. It’s one with champagne and blackcurrant. On the first bite, I could taste the sweet bubbliness of the macaron and then accompanied by a lighter blackcurrant taste. It is one of the premium ones which cost the 0.30$ extra.

Mariage Freres Earl Grey Chocolate

This is a really interesting flavour. I really like this one. It really is a mix of chocolate and earl grey tea. First, you get a taste of the tea which slowly melts into a chocolatey/tea taste. It reminds me of warm spices? I’m not sure it is for everyone though. I quite like it however, it seems as if it could be somewhat of an acquired taste for some.


This one was sweet, with a tinge of lavender taste. I could smell a faint scent of lavender as well. Nice, but not interesting or particularly special except for the fact that it is lavender. I liked the lavender shell and the cream coloured flavouring.

Pimm’s and pomegranate. 

This one is fuchsia coloured. I’ve never had any Pimms myself but I am intrigued and will probably purchase a bottle for the summer. Anyways, this macaron is quite fruity. I usually have pomegranate juice that is quite concentrated and sweet so I’m not entirely sure I know the taste.

and lastly, Raspberry.

Not to be confused by the fuchsia of the Pimms and Pomegranate, this one is a red with a fuchsia tinge. It is most definitely raspberry flavoured which was sweet. The raspberry taste is different to the Raspberry and Chocolate one though, if my memory serves correctly.

I’m not sure if this is wrong but there seems to a difference between the Macarons I purchase at the store on Hardware Lane and the pop up store at Chadstone. The ones at Hardware lane or crunchier and more prone to smashing – if my memory is correct. Nevertheless, the macarons are quite tasty and I urge you to try some, particular my recommendations:)

14 down, 4 to go.

I’ve just realised that I’ve tried lemon, pistachio and hazlenut and I haven’t reviewed them. I’m really sorry but I don’t have the photos for these and I didn’t like them however you might, so do try anyways.

Hazlenut: It was a heavy hazlenut flavour which really isn’t my thing. I know its a popular flavour though? It was just too heavy and decadent for me.

Lemon: Have you ever tried any of those biscuits that are supposed to be lemon flavoured cream? It tastes like that.

Pistachio: I can’t actually review this one because to me it just tasted weird. I didn’t like it. It is also another popular one you might like to try yourself.