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Hello world!

23 Aug

So I’ve started a new blog. YES, another one! I’ve just felt that my other one was too directed, and wasn’t entirely useful for all that I wanted to post. So now I have this and that and I will use both! This blog will have some parts of that one but the other one probably will never share anything that has been posted here first.

So about me… Well… I’m in the my final year of High School and I’m 100% legal (well in Australia and anywhere else with a legal age that’s not 21!).

I will probably post some rants, raves, reviews and photos that I would take if I bother to take up photography again. It seems like I’m living life without any real recollection of it and this might be the solution.

I hope you choose to follow on my online life journey with me, and if not, well I’m sure you had your own interesting life… thats why you’re sitting in front of your computer and reading this… xD