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A week of shopping

3 Dec

I spent most of the week before last working. It was really tough but it was worth it to get my paycheck which I’ve spent now… with a week’s worth of shopping (most of which I haven’t received yet). In comparison to facebook posts from other girls about their shopping, I don’t think I’ve bought too much and since I’m not going to Schoolies, I thought why not pamper myself?


This is from a Revlon Sale, the Melbourne Central VIP night ( I forgot it’s actual name!), Priceline’s Revlon buy one get one free sale and a Butter London run a few weeks ago.

Revlon Sale.

So last weekend was Revlon’s big warehouse sale at the Melbourne Showgrounds. It ran from Friday until the Sunday and I went on both Friday (with my best friend) and on Saturday (with my sister). On both occasions I spent about $40-$50. I haven’t shown you here but I did buy a few more nail polishes for my aunt. Everything was very cheap, with prices from $2- $10, depending on the items.

IMG_5905Coral me Wild, Not So Blueberry, Tuscan Sun, Get Reddy & Pretty In Papaya $2 Each


Electric, Timeless, Ocean Breeze $2 Each


ColorStay Pressed Powder $4, ColorStay Blemish Concealer $3, Super Lustrous Lipstick, Living Lipstick, Colorburst lip butter $5 each


Colourburst lip butter in 050Berry Smoothie, Super Lustrous lipstick in 420Blushed, Living Lipstick in 14Hot Coral, Super Lustrous lipstick in Coralberry $5 Each


ColorStay Aqua Mineral Makeup, ColorStay Aqua Mineral Finishing powder, Photoready makeup, Age Defying with DNA advantage Cream makeup $5 each ( I think)


Touch & Glow Face Powder $4

As you can tell, this was a really great sale. Everything was heavily reduced. I think I saved the most on the foundations since they are usually around $30 each I think. The lipsticks were the most expensive product but I think they were trying to just have an even price across all the types they were selling as it was just all in boxes. I haven’t tried anything but the pressed powder and it sets my make-up marvellously. It reduces shine and it doesn’t leave dry patches or anything.

Revlon Buy One Get One Free Sale


Radiant, Sparkling, Blue Lagoon, Popular

These were $14 each so in total I saved $28 which isn’t as much of a bargain as the polishes from the Revlon sale but they didn’t have these sort of polishes at the sale. Fairy Cake, Fishwife, Sprog, Blagger

I purchased these off the Butter London run a few weeks ago. I just received them last week though which was a really long wait. However they did mention that they were moving warehouses so that’s why they took that long. However, what really upset me was that I received my dispatch notice on Saturday and I received them on Thursday which was more than 15 days after purchase and after my best friend’s birthday party and I bought one for her… I was pretty angry about that. But she received it so it was good. These were $14 each and the postage was $11. The formula is really lovely.

Melbourne Central Sale 


The cuff was from Valleygirl and they ere having a 30% off sale. The necklace was from Colette when they had their 20% off sale. I also bought a pair of silver rectangular earrings and I got a pair of free false diamond studs from Colette (although I didn’t remember them when I took this photo). I really like the cuff as I don’t have any gold necklaces, I thought a cuff might be better to accompany my gold earrings and rings. The necklace is similar to one I have already but this one has loose spikes whereas the other has triangular flat shapes.

Movies with my sister at Chadstone 

So I went to the movies with my sister yesterday and watched Skyfall. I liked the movie and I’m glad I went to the cinema to see it. I would recommend you do the same. I also went to Diva with her where there were certain items that were 50% off. This pair of earrings was one of them. I really love animal designs and I just couldn’t not buy these. I love the leopard heads!
I also went to T2 to pick up a box of my favourite tea, the China Jasmine tea. This is the tea that I always offer guests and everybody loves it. It’s really nice. It’s like the tea that Asian restaurants (Chinese and Vietnamese) offer you for free. The teabags at the supermarkets that are also green tea and jasmine can’t compare at all. I’ve tried most of them now since I thought they would be more convenient for my personal use but the taste isn’t as yummy.  I also got two free samples that I haven’t tried yet.


Diva earrings $10


T2 China Jasmine tea $12

I’m really happy with my purchases and if there is anything you want a review of or want to know more about, please let me know. I also bought a pair of shorts, a skirt and a dress but I’ve already worn them all so I didn’t want to take a photo of them 😛

Thanks for reading! Until next time =D


Grocery Run

2 Dec

I discovered this shopping site that had really good deals and while I was making a different purchase (which I will later show you) , I found one of it’s other programs called Grocery Run. You can either buy from online or the app from the Apple Store.

There is a flat rate delivery price of $11 which I think is quite reasonable since you can buy as much as you want and groceries are pretty heavy! There are different deals everyday with a lot of goods that run for several days (from what I’ve seen). The run I purchased from was the one with lollies and it came within a few days of purchase! I think I ordered on Saturday and received my items on Wednesday.


2 x Herbal Essences Curls & Waves Cond. 300ml $5.00
2 x Huggies Soft Skin Baby Wipes 64pk $4.94
1 x Maynards Wine Gums 540g $5.99
1 x Haribo Strawberry Sour Straps 1.2Kg $6.50
1 x Maoam Kracher Fruity Chews 1.2kg $6.50
1 x Bassett Jelly Babies 540g $5.99
1 x Organix Coconut Milk Hair Repair 237ml $6.91

That was my order. I thought it was reasonably priced, even with the shipping included. The Herbal Essences conditioner was very well priced ($2.50 each in comparison to the $7 at Safeway!)


Maoam Kracher Fruity Chews

These are like mentos… except they are bigger and last longer! They aren’t the same flavours though but honestly, for the price I have no complaints. It’s like 1/15 of this for $2 at the shops. I bought this 1.2 kg for only $6.50.


Haribo Strawberry Sour Straps

One word: YUMMY!!!

You usually buy a small fraction of this at stores for $3-$5. I’ve been eating these like CRAZY! They are so yummy… It was worth it!


Bassett Jelly Babies and Maynards Wine Gums

They are lollie brands from the UK and so I decided to try them as they are supposed to be favourites of theirs. I decided… I didn’t like them that much. They are okay and I didn’t mind paying for them but yeah. I like Aussie and Asian lollies better. And these are definitely NOT like the normal aussie lollies, especially the jellybabies. They are coated in this white powder which I presume is supposed to preserve them and the texture is funny.


Huggies Soft Skin Baby Wipes

Okay, no I do not have a baby. I buy these for a different reason. You know how they say “as soft as a babies bum” when they refer to skin? Yeah well these work a treat as makeup removal wipes. They aren’t as expensive and honestly, if it’s good enough for the a baby’s bum, its good enough for my face (as weird as that sounds).


I highly recommend this grocery shopping service, especially if you don’t go to costco. Most of the items are in packs of 2 and they are nicely priced. They arrive quickly and completely intact and maybe you’ll find your bargain of the day.

Shoe Sale

19 Nov

On Sunday, I went to this shoe sale . It was quite a walk to get there from the tram but I think it was worth it. The selection wasn’t very good to be honest, as many pairs were a bit faulty. However, I did manage to buy 4 pairs for my myself and 1 pair for my sister. Every pair was only $20 which meant I saved quite a bit.

Black I♥Billy Boots

Gold Misano sandals. Originally $79.95

Lilac Mollini heels. Originally $169.95

I didn’t realise this until I saw them under the yellow light of my lamp but one of them is more faded than the other. I’m not sure if I mind or not but it was $20 and I didn’t notice in natural light so I hope it doesn’t show too much.

White London Underground wedges. Originally $179.95

For my sister I bought her a pair of  I♥Billy nude, peeptoe platform wedges. All together, I paid $100 for 5 pairs of shoes. Not a bad deal.

*All photos were edited as to show as true to life colour as possible. Thats why there are discrepancies in floor colour.