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La Belle Miette : Macaron High Tea ~ Six Mother’s Day Flavours

10 May

It seems as though La Belle Miette releases limited edition macarons around special occasions (such as Easter and Valentines Day) and Mother’s Day is no different. In anticipation of this year’s Mother’s Day, they have released six limited Edition macarons with the theme High Tea in mind.

On the Menu:

Cucumber Sandwiches – Delicate finger sandwiches filled with cucumber and mint

Pink Champagne – Mumm French champagne for mum! A cocktail with fresh raspberries

Berry Cheesecake – A decadent cake with forest berries

Devonshire Tea – Homemade scones with jam and cream

Opera Cake – A work in six acts; alternating layers of almond cake, coffee cream and chocolate

Chocolate Brownie – A classic chocolate slice to finish, with crushed walnuts

La Belle Miette High Tea Macarons

L-R : Chocolate Brownie, Opera Cake, Devonshire tea, Berry Cheesecake, Pink Champagne & Cucumber Sandwiches

Cucumber Sandwiches.

This beautiful mint green macaron tasted more of mint than of cucumber but I suppose that’s to be expected as cucumbers don’t have a strong flavour. The taste of cucumber was faint, but it was definitely there and the mint… well, it tasted wonderfully fresh. I don’t know how that’s possible, to have such a fresh taste in a baked good but this macaron is proof.

Cucumber Sandwiches


Pink Champagne

Not as flavoursome as the cucumber sandwiches macaron, the taste of the sugary shells overwhelmed the taste of the pink champagne. I could only taste the champagne in the centre, where the filling was thickest and even then, the taste wasn’t as obvious.



Berry Cheesecake

I could taste the slight tang of the ‘cheesecake’ however, the taste of the forest berries was lost on me. It just tasted quite sweet and not too berry-like.


IMG_7578Devonshire Tea

Please excuse the broken and crushed shell… it got damaged in transition.

This one had what appeared to be either icing sugar or flour dusted on top which was a very cute touch in my opinion. The taste, well it really made me want to have a cup of green tea, instead of my cup of water but my teapot has gone missing…. Anyhow, I loved this one. The ‘jam’ is delicious and I’m not sure how a cream taste was supposed to show but the overall taste is quite nice. The shell wasn’t quite as sugary as the Pink Champagne so the jam filling in the centre (the purple) really gave it it’s zing.



Opera Cake 

This one is my favourite out of the six, and I’m really sad that it’s only limited edition. The filling is chocolate and coffee cream and since a macaron shell is made of almond flour… this one really does fulfill it’s description. The coffee cream was really smooth, flavoursome and delicious. It was also the strongest flavour and it’s what makes this one so delicious. Seriously – you need to try this one, especially the coffee lovers out there!



Chocolate Brownie

If a brownie was turned into a macaron, I’m convinced it would taste like this. The chocolate taste was not overwhelming and it wasn’t as heavy as one might think. It wasn’t as chocolate-y as any of the other one ones in their permanent range but I think that’s what makes me think of brownies. The walnut is a good addition to the taste, it add’s that extra little something.




Overall, I actually enjoyed this collection of macarons. The Cucumber sandwich one was definitely the most interesting and the Opera Cake was the most delicious. 





More La Belle Miette

17 Oct

Hi Guys!

So one of my goals is to try all the macarons at La Belle Miette however, everytime I go I always buy at least one Violet & Blueberry macarons (I LOVE THESE. My favourite flavour). I have to set myself some goals that each time I try a new one however I’m usually put off by some flavours.

This time I tried ‘Bastille’ – Moet et Chandon and Blackcurrant, Mariage Freres Earl Grey Chocolate, Lavender, Pimm’s & Pomegranate & Raspberry.

Bastille – Moet et Chandon and Blackcurrant.

I quite like this one. It’s one with champagne and blackcurrant. On the first bite, I could taste the sweet bubbliness of the macaron and then accompanied by a lighter blackcurrant taste. It is one of the premium ones which cost the 0.30$ extra.

Mariage Freres Earl Grey Chocolate

This is a really interesting flavour. I really like this one. It really is a mix of chocolate and earl grey tea. First, you get a taste of the tea which slowly melts into a chocolatey/tea taste. It reminds me of warm spices? I’m not sure it is for everyone though. I quite like it however, it seems as if it could be somewhat of an acquired taste for some.


This one was sweet, with a tinge of lavender taste. I could smell a faint scent of lavender as well. Nice, but not interesting or particularly special except for the fact that it is lavender. I liked the lavender shell and the cream coloured flavouring.

Pimm’s and pomegranate. 

This one is fuchsia coloured. I’ve never had any Pimms myself but I am intrigued and will probably purchase a bottle for the summer. Anyways, this macaron is quite fruity. I usually have pomegranate juice that is quite concentrated and sweet so I’m not entirely sure I know the taste.

and lastly, Raspberry.

Not to be confused by the fuchsia of the Pimms and Pomegranate, this one is a red with a fuchsia tinge. It is most definitely raspberry flavoured which was sweet. The raspberry taste is different to the Raspberry and Chocolate one though, if my memory serves correctly.

I’m not sure if this is wrong but there seems to a difference between the Macarons I purchase at the store on Hardware Lane and the pop up store at Chadstone. The ones at Hardware lane or crunchier and more prone to smashing – if my memory is correct. Nevertheless, the macarons are quite tasty and I urge you to try some, particular my recommendations:)

14 down, 4 to go.

I’ve just realised that I’ve tried lemon, pistachio and hazlenut and I haven’t reviewed them. I’m really sorry but I don’t have the photos for these and I didn’t like them however you might, so do try anyways.

Hazlenut: It was a heavy hazlenut flavour which really isn’t my thing. I know its a popular flavour though? It was just too heavy and decadent for me.

Lemon: Have you ever tried any of those biscuits that are supposed to be lemon flavoured cream? It tastes like that.

Pistachio: I can’t actually review this one because to me it just tasted weird. I didn’t like it. It is also another popular one you might like to try yourself.

La Belle Miette Macarons.

27 Sep

xarToday I took my cousins, my sister and my sister’s friend to the city to show them the various methods to get to my school. It wasn’t too bad, especially since I expected loud conversation etc typical of fourteen year old girls.

I also had to go to Chadstone to get my iPad replaced because the screen had smashed. It was really expensive to replace, $279. So now I’m broke again. Oh how bad my luck is:( What lit up my day was that right near Myers was a La Belle Miette stand. If you don’t know what La Belle Miette is, you should!

La Belle Miette is a small French patisserie specialising in macarons. They use chocolate from the French chocolate house Cacao Barry and Belgian Callebaut, Girgar butter (high quality Australian dairy made in the European tradition) and premimum grade almonds. Their flavours are unique and absolutely beautiful which I think is due to one of the owners Maylynn (or so it says on their site, she is the daughter of a natural perfumer).

They have the following flavours:

72% Cocoa Single Origin Chocolate (Venezuela)

‘Bastille’ – Moet et Chandon and Blackcurrant

Caramel a la Fleur de Sel

Cherry Blossom & Sake

Mariage Freres Earl Grey Chocolate

Hazelnut Belle Miette



Mango & Coconut

Passionfruit Chocolate

Pimm’s & Pomegranate



Raspberry Chocolate


Strawberry & Vanilla


Violet & Blueberry

They cost $2.50 each, except for 72% Cocoa Single Origin Chocolate (Venezuela) and ‘Bastille’ – Moet et Chandon and Blackcurrant which are $2.80 each. I bought six in a gift box, which came to a total of $18.30 for me.  There are also complimentary boxes, but they aren’t as pretty and sturdy.




My Flavours (L-R): Cherry Blossom & Sake, Rose, Raspberry Chocolate, Violet & Blueberry, Caramel a la Fleur de Sel, 72% Cocoa Single Origin Chocolate (Venezuela)

The macraons themselves were really crunchy, light and fluffy at the same time if that makes sense… They are really hard to cut into neatly!

Cherry Blossom & Sake

The taste is quite normal. It could be just me but I think it tastes plain? In comparison to the other flavours which had stronger evidence of the flavours used. It was probably about only half sake/cherry blossom flavoured.




This one was definitely rose flavoured! It is really nice, I really liked this one. If you don’t know what rose tastes like, imagine the scent of rose water/ pure rose scented oils or perfumes and translate that into a taste. The flavour was like a burst of rose. It was delightful.



Raspberry Chocolate

This definitely had a strong chocolate flavour. The chocolate was a dark chocolate, very rich. It tasted almost decadent. However, you could also taste something else – raspberry. The chocolate does overwhelm the flavour of the raspberry but you can still taste it. It adds a little something to the chocolate. The raspberry isn’t bitter but sweet.



Violet & Blueberry

I must have a thing for flowers because this is the third one I purchased with a flower taste. This one was superb. There was a balance in the flavours, both were evident in this creation. The blueberry was sweet and the violet delicious. I have no idea how to describe the violet flavour, its just flowery.  It’s not a bad thing and I have no other words on how to describe it but if you had the Rose one, you’d understand.



Caramel a la Fleur de Sel

I’m going to be honest, caramel isn’t on my list of favourite flavours for anything. It’s too sweet, too heavy and its sticky. This was no different. It’s also supposed to the most popular flavour which is why I bought it but for me, it was just sweet caramel. Its too much for me but I’m sure it’s really nice for others. The caramel also melted really fast as you can see from the previous images where there is a brown smear on the white sheet of paper.



and last but not least, 72% Cocoa Single Origin Chocolate (Venezuela)

I love chocolate and I don’t know too many people who don’t like chocolate and tasting this was like… pure decadence ( which coincidentally was the theme of my formal). It was heavenly. The chocolate was dark, rich and wonderful. I would highly recommend this one, even if it is a 0.30$ increase in price. It was delicious!

I would recommend La Belle Miette for special occasion, just because it is so pricey. I was with my cousin and decided to be spontaneous and purchase these as I wanted her to also taste macarons since she was so lacking in experiences. I would most likely only purchase more as a gift to my lover or my mother, for special occasions such as valentines day, anniversaries or my own birthday.

You can find them here or here (facebook).