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La Belle Miette : Macaron High Tea ~ Six Mother’s Day Flavours

10 May

It seems as though La Belle Miette releases limited edition macarons around special occasions (such as Easter and Valentines Day) and Mother’s Day is no different. In anticipation of this year’s Mother’s Day, they have released six limited Edition macarons with the theme High Tea in mind.

On the Menu:

Cucumber Sandwiches – Delicate finger sandwiches filled with cucumber and mint

Pink Champagne – Mumm French champagne for mum! A cocktail with fresh raspberries

Berry Cheesecake – A decadent cake with forest berries

Devonshire Tea – Homemade scones with jam and cream

Opera Cake – A work in six acts; alternating layers of almond cake, coffee cream and chocolate

Chocolate Brownie – A classic chocolate slice to finish, with crushed walnuts

La Belle Miette High Tea Macarons

L-R : Chocolate Brownie, Opera Cake, Devonshire tea, Berry Cheesecake, Pink Champagne & Cucumber Sandwiches

Cucumber Sandwiches.

This beautiful mint green macaron tasted more of mint than of cucumber but I suppose that’s to be expected as cucumbers don’t have a strong flavour. The taste of cucumber was faint, but it was definitely there and the mint… well, it tasted wonderfully fresh. I don’t know how that’s possible, to have such a fresh taste in a baked good but this macaron is proof.

Cucumber Sandwiches


Pink Champagne

Not as flavoursome as the cucumber sandwiches macaron, the taste of the sugary shells overwhelmed the taste of the pink champagne. I could only taste the champagne in the centre, where the filling was thickest and even then, the taste wasn’t as obvious.



Berry Cheesecake

I could taste the slight tang of the ‘cheesecake’ however, the taste of the forest berries was lost on me. It just tasted quite sweet and not too berry-like.


IMG_7578Devonshire Tea

Please excuse the broken and crushed shell… it got damaged in transition.

This one had what appeared to be either icing sugar or flour dusted on top which was a very cute touch in my opinion. The taste, well it really made me want to have a cup of green tea, instead of my cup of water but my teapot has gone missing…. Anyhow, I loved this one. The ‘jam’ is delicious and I’m not sure how a cream taste was supposed to show but the overall taste is quite nice. The shell wasn’t quite as sugary as the Pink Champagne so the jam filling in the centre (the purple) really gave it it’s zing.



Opera Cake 

This one is my favourite out of the six, and I’m really sad that it’s only limited edition. The filling is chocolate and coffee cream and since a macaron shell is made of almond flour… this one really does fulfill it’s description. The coffee cream was really smooth, flavoursome and delicious. It was also the strongest flavour and it’s what makes this one so delicious. Seriously – you need to try this one, especially the coffee lovers out there!



Chocolate Brownie

If a brownie was turned into a macaron, I’m convinced it would taste like this. The chocolate taste was not overwhelming and it wasn’t as heavy as one might think. It wasn’t as chocolate-y as any of the other one ones in their permanent range but I think that’s what makes me think of brownies. The walnut is a good addition to the taste, it add’s that extra little something.




Overall, I actually enjoyed this collection of macarons. The Cucumber sandwich one was definitely the most interesting and the Opera Cake was the most delicious.