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30 Oct



I once knew a girl.

She was an ordinary girl.
She was not handsome nor talented,
but did possess a curious mind.
And so, she spent much of her time observing,
She wanted, simply, to be as clever as she was ordinary.

She was a strange soul.
Each morning she would ask herself,
whether she had any fears, or regrets.
And each morning she would lie and say,
that could not be –
it simply could not be.

Instead, wanting to be strong,
she pretended she had no fears,
and told herself each day that nothing was wrong.

She did not want to fall,
or disappoint;
and most of all, she did not want to fear.

But, it was the case that
she had a million fears still to face,
a thousand dark closets yet to unpack,
and a hundred times still to fall.

She was afraid of many…

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Flying Chicken

27 Oct

Flying Chicken (or Yami Yami which is what it’s called now) is a korean restaurant located on Lonsdale Street. My friends and I decided to have korean after our festivities and many photos on Muck Up Day.

The day itself was quite fun ( or it would’ve been if I was on time for it ><“) with a pancake breakfast organised by the teachers and a jumping castle. I brought my DSLR to school and took quite a few photos of my friends and I which ended up quite nice. We also had assembly that nearly brought tears to my eyes. I can’t wait until I get my copy of the year 12 video!

I dressed up as a rockstar, complete with silver+leather jewellery, black boots, mini skirt and red lipstick. I did the look with my best friend J who looked great! Everybody else also looked great. A, S & L dressed up as rock paper scissors which i thought was fun. Another beloved blogger N dressed up as Mulan and her costume was perfect! C & A.K were Super Girl and Wonder Woman – they got heaps of male attention on the way to the restaurant xD

Anyways, back to the food. I booked ahead because we had quite a few people and I didn’t want to make them go all the way for nothing. When we got in, it was empty except for a lone diner. As lunch progressed, more and more people came in. Anyhow, we were seated at the back. They joined two tables together.

The View from the back.

The back wall

The Kitchen

The tables had these cool buttons that we could push when we wanted service. A.F liked pushing it heaps!

I’m not sure what everybody else ordered but I ordered Beef Bulgogi as usual and my best friend J ordered the special lunch Bibimbap which seems to be her usual as well.

My Beef Bulgogi & the usual sides: kimchi, gamja jorim (potato) and kongnamul (sprout salad)

The Beef bulgogi was nice. There was a lot of beef and onion. It was slightly spicy I think, more savoury than the sweeter bulgogi I had at Seoul Metro. I liked the kimchi side dish. I don’t think it was the cabbage one I was used to but a sweeter one. The gamja jorim was YUM! It was sweet and soft, we all loved that side dish. The kongnamul was plain, like usual.

J’s bibimbap

Spicy! I couldn’t even taste the beef bulgogi after eating a spoonful of this. It’s more spicy and flavoursome than the bibimbap at Seoul Metro but apparently not as good as Oriental Spoon (according to J)

Rating 82.5%

Service: 5/5

The waitress tried her best to be helpful and was quite cheerful and sweet. She never lost patience with us. The waiter was also cute 😛

Ambience: 4/5

It was a nice place to eat with friends – not too noisy for conversation and it was clean and not too bright. However, a mark is taken off for the music. it didn’t quite match.

Food: 4/5

It was nice and the dishes were big.

Price: 3.5/5

On par with other Korean places I’ve been too. Around 15-20$ per person.

You can find other reviews and pictures here

Last day of High School

22 Oct

Today was my final day of classes. It was filled with a lot of photos, dress signing and smiling. I’m sure tomorrow we will all be hit with tears however today was a day of celebration.

For today’s dressup theme, we were to redesign our summer school dress and wear it to school. I redid the neckline and studded it however my sister says that my collar was a bit uneven but it was a great attempt, at least I hope so. It took me hours to do for the short amount of time I was going to actually to wear it. I got it signed by several of my friends and most of my teachers (one of my favourite ones was “Why sin? Because we tan.” which was a classic Mr.G).

I had all 5 of my classes today which i think was a fantastic end to my high school classes. I sat there and talked with friends, signed their dresses and did not much else. There wasn’t really much to do at all. I also bought gifts for my teachers (some were personal and some were class combined).

I feel like this was a major part of my life however, I can’t seem to muster enough words to describe this day at all. I just know that I feel a bit relieved and a whole lot worried. I’m worried because the end of high school means that we are to enter the wider community and be independent. We are no longer supported by our teachers. We are no longer reminded about what we need to do. It means we have to grow up which is a scary thing.

I think I’ve already got the maturity of someone who is beyond 18 years of age already, however I always had that part of me that was still a child. The part that put on a school uniform and went to classes and listened to my teachers. The part that was allowed to get some slack because I was still a child. Now, I’m not. It feels weird. Honestly, I’m not sure I want to go to university. I feel that it’s quite scary becasue the workload isn’t as well paced as high school (according to some) and it’s even further than my current school (If I get into my first choice course anyway). I won’t have a cheap yearly ticket anymore which is a major source of concern for me as I will have to pay a huge amount of money to get to university, on top the of the book costs and university fees.

It’s my last day of High School however, it’s also the beginning of an independent, worrisome journey. I hope everything ends up well….

More La Belle Miette

17 Oct

Hi Guys!

So one of my goals is to try all the macarons at La Belle Miette however, everytime I go I always buy at least one Violet & Blueberry macarons (I LOVE THESE. My favourite flavour). I have to set myself some goals that each time I try a new one however I’m usually put off by some flavours.

This time I tried ‘Bastille’ – Moet et Chandon and Blackcurrant, Mariage Freres Earl Grey Chocolate, Lavender, Pimm’s & Pomegranate & Raspberry.

Bastille – Moet et Chandon and Blackcurrant.

I quite like this one. It’s one with champagne and blackcurrant. On the first bite, I could taste the sweet bubbliness of the macaron and then accompanied by a lighter blackcurrant taste. It is one of the premium ones which cost the 0.30$ extra.

Mariage Freres Earl Grey Chocolate

This is a really interesting flavour. I really like this one. It really is a mix of chocolate and earl grey tea. First, you get a taste of the tea which slowly melts into a chocolatey/tea taste. It reminds me of warm spices? I’m not sure it is for everyone though. I quite like it however, it seems as if it could be somewhat of an acquired taste for some.


This one was sweet, with a tinge of lavender taste. I could smell a faint scent of lavender as well. Nice, but not interesting or particularly special except for the fact that it is lavender. I liked the lavender shell and the cream coloured flavouring.

Pimm’s and pomegranate. 

This one is fuchsia coloured. I’ve never had any Pimms myself but I am intrigued and will probably purchase a bottle for the summer. Anyways, this macaron is quite fruity. I usually have pomegranate juice that is quite concentrated and sweet so I’m not entirely sure I know the taste.

and lastly, Raspberry.

Not to be confused by the fuchsia of the Pimms and Pomegranate, this one is a red with a fuchsia tinge. It is most definitely raspberry flavoured which was sweet. The raspberry taste is different to the Raspberry and Chocolate one though, if my memory serves correctly.

I’m not sure if this is wrong but there seems to a difference between the Macarons I purchase at the store on Hardware Lane and the pop up store at Chadstone. The ones at Hardware lane or crunchier and more prone to smashing – if my memory is correct. Nevertheless, the macarons are quite tasty and I urge you to try some, particular my recommendations:)

14 down, 4 to go.

I’ve just realised that I’ve tried lemon, pistachio and hazlenut and I haven’t reviewed them. I’m really sorry but I don’t have the photos for these and I didn’t like them however you might, so do try anyways.

Hazlenut: It was a heavy hazlenut flavour which really isn’t my thing. I know its a popular flavour though? It was just too heavy and decadent for me.

Lemon: Have you ever tried any of those biscuits that are supposed to be lemon flavoured cream? It tastes like that.

Pistachio: I can’t actually review this one because to me it just tasted weird. I didn’t like it. It is also another popular one you might like to try yourself.

Broken Angel

15 Oct

This is a story I started a while ago, but haven’t finished. I will eventually finish it *fingers crossed* over my upcoming holidays – i.e after I finish high school.


This is my inspiration: 

Have you ever felt lost before? Like you made the wrong decision and ended up on the darkest road – the road to a journey you never wanted to take. Well right now, that’s where I am. I’m lost.

Everyone always says that there’s a bright light at the end of every dark tunnel, that we will emerge for the better, brighter ending that we couldn’t have imagined before. Well I say that that is absolute crap. They haven’t been in my shoes nor do they know me, so how can they say that? If they don’t know the journey itself, or the two possible endings, how can they compare them?

Well I suppose this sounds dreary and you think it’ll get better because I’ll meet my Prince Charming and he’ll rescue me from all my problems and make everything better, but no, it won’t work out like that. It won’t be sunshine and rainbows for me. If you’re still interested, you can keep reading my story but I’ll warn you beforehand, this is not the classic girl is sad, girl meets guy, he makes everything better and they live happily ever after. My story is sad, happy, gritty, confronting and is not for the faint or romantic of heart.

My name is Lianna and I’m a normal 17 year old girl in her final year of high school. I will occasionally play sports, have absolutely no aptitude with music and have no skill that I could say I do better than anyone else. I have no siblings and no pets. I live in an average suburb and attend an average school. I’m average. There isn’t anything about me that particularly stands out at all.

You may scoff and tell me that I’m just being modest but I believe in honesty and I wouldn’t lie to you. I’m of an average height and average looks – average brown chest-length hair, average brown eyes, average body. Boring right? What will probably interest you are my experiences and my thoughts.

You will find the following chapters on my wattpad page or here.

I don’t know what to do with my life

2 Oct

I’ve sat in front of this computer and contemplated my course choices over and over again. I have no idea if I’ve chosen the right courses for me, nor do I know if I’ve put them in the right order. The course advisor at school told us to put them in order of atar scores – the highest at the top and the lowest towards the bottom. That would be the logical order of things I suppose, but it doesn’t order them in the way I want to do them. I don’t know if my score will be enough or even if my SEAS application will be taken into account and how much it’ll help me.

I wish I knew what I wanted to do. The path ahead of me is so scary and unknown. I stay up at night, worried about the day I get my atar score and what if I’m not good enough? What if my parents get upset at me? What if I’m a disappointment? There are so many what ifs and it only makes everything more difficult.

I’ve thought about science, arts and commerce. I’ve put physiptherapy and medical imaging in which are two courses I do want to do, however one of them is based on a supplementary form and I’m not confident in mine. However, it is the course I want to do the most. It’s also the furthest away from my home.

However, what next? I don’t know if I could possibly find a happy and successful future in a science degree or an arts degree. I don’t know if I am up to the competitive nature of a commerce degree. Knowing the economy, that could lead to an unstable future.

I’m truly at a lost as to what I should do. How do I fill in those 12 slots?