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1 Aug

Tonight was date night; a Friday like every other Friday. They would choose a nice restaurant to dine at and spend some quality time together away from the comforts of the home they had shared for the past three years. On this particular night they had chosen a sweet little french cafe on a busy laneway. Surprisingly, the cafe was quite empty and they were able to dine comfortably without needing to shout over their meal. The ambiance was wonderfully romantic with soft french music in the background, dim lights and a small candle inside its glass lantern on every table. It should’ve been enjoyable, however she was feeling a slight twinge of uneasiness and dissatisfaction inside.

She had finished her dessert and was now waiting for him. She had nothing to say and didn’t want to bother him whilst he was enjoying his crepe. So instead she sat, thinking to herself. She thought about what they had planned for the weekend and she processed all the news she had gathered from her friends that week. She had been so busy for the past few weeks, she wasn’t able to spend as much time with them as she wished but the last few days had been filled with catch-ups and great news. Seeing as he had finished his dessert, she decided to bring some of it up. For some reason, she really wanted to see his reaction.

“Babe, did you know that Joe proposed to Violet yesterday? The ring is absolutely gorgeous”.

” And I thought he was the sanest one out of us all… I guess not huh?” he laughed, glancing at the chunky silver watch on his wrist.

She could feel the panic rising and she was beginning to grow worried. Her palms felt clammy and her heart became uneasy. Just that one statement from him shook her. She felt as if the stability of their relationship was being tested, as if a block that was supporting it had been dislodged. The movie in her head of the future; the white picket fence, the two beautiful children laughing on the swings, the shared laughter; was slowly rewinding and disappearing and she had no idea how to get it back… Except to offer another piece of news.

” Well… Jack and Danielle just got pregnant ! I bet that’ll be wonderful for them.”

She waited for his reply with a bated breath, her eyes on his face to see his reaction. There was still hope left, she reminded herself.

“Wow… I really hope they’re happy about losing their freedom. I can’t see how they’ll be able to do anything after that. To each their own right?” He frowned. “Should I go pay now?”

She felt as if her whole world had been rocked. The things she thought she knew about him and about their future weren’t connecting in her mind. The plans they had made prior to moving in together were disappearing. The mini-movie in her head had now been erased from and she couldn’t summon it back. What did it mean? Did it mean that there wasn’t a feasible future between them?

There are turning points in one’s life when one discovers something that changes everything and she supposed this was one of them. She had one decision to make and she hoped it would be the right one.

“Babe… wait. I think we need to talk. ”