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Shoe Sale

19 Nov

On Sunday, I went to this shoe sale . It was quite a walk to get there from the tram but I think it was worth it. The selection wasn’t very good to be honest, as many pairs were a bit faulty. However, I did manage to buy 4 pairs for my myself and 1 pair for my sister. Every pair was only $20 which meant I saved quite a bit.

Black I♥Billy Boots

Gold Misano sandals. Originally $79.95

Lilac Mollini heels. Originally $169.95

I didn’t realise this until I saw them under the yellow light of my lamp but one of them is more faded than the other. I’m not sure if I mind or not but it was $20 and I didn’t notice in natural light so I hope it doesn’t show too much.

White London Underground wedges. Originally $179.95

For my sister I bought her a pair of  I♥Billy nude, peeptoe platform wedges. All together, I paid $100 for 5 pairs of shoes. Not a bad deal.

*All photos were edited as to show as true to life colour as possible. Thats why there are discrepancies in floor colour.


Great Expectations

19 Nov

At work, my supervisor likes to turn on the radio to Fox Fm which will usually play the top hits of the day which right now, contains Justin Bieber’s Beauty and a Beat. As I was listening to the lyrics, I couldn’t help but feel a bit irritated at the lines:

I wanna show you all the finer things in life
So just forget about the world, we’re young tonight

Now, these aren’t an unusual bunch of lines. Many singers will sing about being young and enjoying the finer things in life. There’s nothing wrong with that, except it creates false expectations or even unfair expectations for males with girlfriends who listens to this sort of music (I usually don’t, but when it’s blasting out of the radio at a high volume, one can’t help but listen). The expectation that men and boys are meant to spend vast amounts of money on their girlfriends to show them “the finer things in life”.

Now I’ve been in the dating game for a long time and I do remember a time when I too, expected boyfriends to shower me with gifts and pay for everything but that was when I was young and naive and quite stupid, which is the best way to put it I think. I soon grew out of those thoughts when I entered my long-term and serious relationship where I learnt a great deal about being in a real relationship which included equality – splitting the bill, giving equal amounts of gifts etc.

I know that even though I grew out of those thoughts, many girls still haven’t and everyday there are more and more girls that are affected by such songs and before they even begin to date, already have this mindset that they will be entering relationships and judging them about how much of the “finer things in life” their partners will show them. They aren’t judging the relationship by the quality of the chemistry or how well they get along, but what gifts the guy will give them after fights, or during anniversary or the material things they will receive during this time. This is very, very unfair.

It is very unfair to expect the boy to pay for everything, just because of his gender. It’s unfair that he will have to use his hard-earned money to entertain the girl and to keep her. Why can’t she spend her money on him? Is there a difference in value between the money from a female and money from a male? Why is it that we as women expect equality given to us yet we force inequality on males? Perhaps it can be forgiven that they are young and therefore stupid, but what about those 20 year old girls that still expect the same? Sure, in the dating world, the guy should pay on the first date and that’s it. After that, it’s fair for him to expect the girl to help with the bill. I don’t think that’s wrong at all, I would not go on a second date with a guy who doesn’t pay on the first date. It’s one thing to be unfair, but another to not be a gentleman.

It is the relationship after the first date that really matters isn’t it? We’ve judged each other after the first and if there’s a second, then we’ve decided we’ve liked them right? So why do girls expect the guy to give them things in order to keep the girl in their life? If someone expected me to pay for everything and give them gifts, I’d kick them out of my life, I don’t want them in it. What happened to the little things, the simpler things and the only things that mattered were the thoughts and feelings put in? Why is it that a poem that took days to write will be overshadowed by a designer bag? This isn’t how it’s meant to be but it seems that it’s what society demands – to be as materialistic as possible. They tell us that a good date is one where we’re taken out to a really nice but expensive restaurant, where he will order champagne and pay for it all. I’d much rather he would cook me a dinner from scratch and even if it doesn’t taste like a chef made it, just him trying his best to make something for me would be enough. Even better, we would make it together and both contribute something!

The materialistic-ness of the “pop” world is probably why I don’t bother with it. I don’t seek out pop music or even rap because there is a very high chance that they will be singing about buying things, spending money on their partners and that’s what love is. It isn’t, not at all but they are feeding many susceptible minds with that thought and that makes me feel sad that society is so materialistic and like a virus, it wants to spread it to as many people as possible. Perhaps in a thousand years, we’ll all be emotionless robots as we wouldn’t know the value of things such as effort, or care and we wouldn’t know what real love is any more. We’d consider the quality of the relationship by the amount of money spent, not the hours poured over making it, or the thoughts put in. It makes me sad that young teens are affected by this and so very often, I’d read about girls gushing over the latest present they’d gotten from their boyfriends instead of gushing over the time and effort the boy went through procuring this gift, or about how meaningful the gift is because to me, a designer bag doesn’t have much sentimental value at all. It’s a nice gift and I would appreciate it if my guy got me one, but it would be even nicer if he would write a song, record it and give it to me. That is a gift I would love even more and I hope that in the future, girls will stop taking materialistic thoughts to heart and learn to appreciate the real best things in life that happen to be free, only costing time and effort which should always be appreciated.

Versatile Blogger Awards

10 Nov

One of the first things I do each morning is to check my emails. Usually there aren’t many interesting emails in my many email accounts but this morning was different. I received an email from WordPress about a new post on one of my favourite blogs Heart of Paradise (which is the blog of one of my lovely friends). What was this post you may wonder? Well she just found out that she was nominated for an award, the Versatile Blogger award to be exact.

What is the Versatile Blogger award?

I really have no idea because even the blog site of this award doesn’t have much information on it but I’m assuming it has something to do with versatility? Anyhow, these are the rules of the award according to the site 

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.

  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  •  Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. ( I would add, pick blogs or bloggers that are excellent!)
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

What does that have to do with me? Well, she nominated me as part of her 15 (13) bloggers and you can find her post here. Cảm ơn N!

Well… Seven things about myself. That’s really hard because I never know what to tell people whenever they even ask me about myself. I ask for questions. I’m really no good at this but here it goes…

1. I have 156 Bottles of nail polish at the moment. Seriously, I have about 10-20 bottles more to come from my friend in the US. I started getting into nailpolish at the end of 2010. I have no idea why but I was suddenly excited about all the colours and all the types of nail polish there was. I have holographic polishes, shatter polishes, creme polishs, glitters, flakies – you name it (unless it was a new 2012 nail fad, I probably don’t. I became more focused on school). I have used about 20% of my stash. The thing about nail polish is that it doesn’t really go off. The discolouration you see is just the chemicals separating and if you mix it up again, its fine. I know women who have kept their OPI polishes from the 90’s and these days, they are worth hundreds of dollars! I could talk about nail polish for ages but moving on…

2. I love makeup. I really do. I love the beauty of it. I love how it changes and enhances a person’s features (when used right). I love the colours and the textures. I love everything about it really, except the price. It’s really expensive. I never knew how much it cost for a woman to use makeup until I started buying it myself and dang, is it expensive. I probably spent/will spend $500 on makeup this year. Last year, because I was starting out, I probably spent upwards of $1000. It’s a lot, I know but I got addicted and bought everything I could possibly need (although I can tell you, I still have gaps in my collection). I’ve got blushes, highlighters, hundreds of eyeshadow shades and about 30 lipsticks. It’s crazy but it’s art.

3. On the outside I may look like the proper girl with my blazers and heels etc but deep inside, I am rock ‘n’ roll xD I love my rock music, my chains and my spikes. I just don’t like skulls though…

4. My goal in life is to be a housewife. That’s right. It’s the 21st century and there is a girl who strongly believes in equality but wants to be a housewife. Oh, I can hear the feminists crying right now… I’ve always been vocal about my support of equal rights for all which stereotypically means that I believe women should all be in careers but that’s not what I want for myself and I see nothing wrong with that. I love to bake and cook. I feel more accomplished making a delicious meal or cake than I do whenever I pass a test. I feel more comfortable doing the dishes than I do at parties. I really just want a family of my own to look after and I know most would say it’s backwards but I’ve got my maternal instinct deeply rooted inside me. Honestly, I am happy to do all those housewifey things and that’s what I want to spend my life doing.

5. I’m sure many women would be mad at me or argue with me about this but… I am not a feminist. I am a humanitarian. I believe in Equality. You could say that feminists search for equality but by the very definition, they only have one agenda and that’s women. Yes, there are many women around the world who are treated as inferior to men (It’s quite prevalent in Asian society) and I support the quest for equality for them but I am not a feminist. Argue with me all you like, but I am for equality which doesn’t equal feminism. If it did, it would be called Equalitarian or something like that. But it’s not. I don’t believe in the superiority of women over men and that fight over who is better as a gender. Every single person has a talent or something good about them but they also have flaws. We should treat everyone the same, regardless of their gender/s. Contrary to popular belief that women are still treated badly, we’re not. For example, there are many cases where the punishment for women are lightened in comparison to if the person was a man. You could talk about our salaries and yes, women in general do earn less than men (although the richest person in Australia is a woman) but there are many factors to this and you might think I’m sexist but women generally don’t do the heavy work. It’s the truth. We’re thought of as the “fairer” and “weaker” sex by men and thus, we’re given the lighter work. So in comparison, the men should earn more because they take more stress on their bodies. Equality doesn’t mean that it should be completely equal, but equal in terms of our abilities and our strengths. The best make up artists and designers in the world are men. Not women, but men. You’d think that since it’s more marketed at women that the best would be women but that’s not true. You could call upon Coco Chanel and say she was amazing etc but guess what? Her designs were based on men’s clothing. This has become a rant about equality and feminism but my main point is, I’m a humanitarian who believes in Equality for all, and not just for women. There are discriminations against men too which we don’t take notice of because we’re fighting for just women, not for all humans.

6. I don’t really drink coffee… I know that the norm is to go and grab coffees but I can’t do that. I probably drink coffee less than 20 times a year. It’s always awkward when people ask me to go and drink coffee with them because I don’t drink it. I know nothing about each different type or the difference between a good coffee and a bad coffee. I do love the scent of coffee though but yeah… I don’t really drink it. Which is good because one of the top causes of bad breath is coffee although if two coffee drinkers kiss, I suppose it wouldn’t be a problem…?

7. Most of my crushes are anime/manga characters. I know what you’re thinking, this girl is weird but I really do feel attracted to them. I don’t know why but my heart speeds up whenever I see Toriko fighting the alien robots, Luffy saving his friends, Zoro wielding his katanas and I squeal like a fangirl when I watch the guys in Prince of Tennis and Kuroko’s basketball sweat and run all over their respective courts. I’d rather look at these than topless muscled men. Weird, but that’s me.

So… 7 things that will make you hate me, like me or think I’m a freak. I hope you still like me though… ><”

My nominations for the Versatile Blogger Awards are:

Honestly, I could only think of these few blogs that I read on a regular basis. I highly recommend all of them, so check them out!

Untitled. (NaNoWriMo)

3 Nov

This is the first 1000 words of my novel. Please tell me what you think so far…


“You’re so ugly. Why don’t you go and die! You ruin everything for us!”

Those words echoed inside Rina’s head as she stood in front of the metal sink in the girl’s bathroom, letting the water run over her new scars. She stared at the colour of the water slowly change from red to clear as the stinging pain disappeared as her blood started to clot. She was relieved that it healed up and wasn’t bleeding any-more, yet there was a part of her that wanted to continue to feel that numbing sensation that could only be felt when her skin was cut and the blood would slowly drip out. Those were the only times where she could stop feeling hurt, as the feeling took over her mind. She could close her eyes and just focus on the sting and forget about everything around her.

However, she needed to go home now… to go home and see the worried looks on her parents’ faces as they saw the dirt marks on her uniform and her hair hanging over her eyes. At least they didn’t hit my face today… she thought as she peered into one of the only spaces on the mirror that didn’t have graffiti on it.

She hated it. She hated looking in the mirror and seeing her grey eyes. She hated looking in the mirror and seeing her dry, cracked lips, her thick eyebrows and curly brown hair. She hated her pale skin when everyone else was tanned. She looked unhealthy and weak. She looked like the victim that she was.

The depression sunk in deeper as she stepped out of the bathroom and saw nobody around. As usual, she was the last student to leave. She saw the cleaner but as usual, he ignored her when she waved and like always, the rejection stung her and broke her heart just a little bit more.

The walk to her locker on the other side of the school was quiet and peaceful. She could smell the plants as she walked by them. They were the only ones that didn’t reject her greetings. It always seemed as if the leaves knew she was coming and they moved in an invisible wind, softly grazing against her palm. At least this was something that made her smile, not much else did. However, when she reached her locker, her smile dropped. There, on her locker were the words ‘bitch’, ‘ugly’, ‘freak’ and ‘dumb’, freshly written in a thick pink marker. At least it was a colour now, the older ones were written in black.

A tear escaped her eye and slowly slid down her face as she tried to keep it in. She was used to this… it happened all the time. She should stop feeling hurt over it… she told herself, but deep inside, she knew it was useless. It always hurt her no matter how many times it happened. It always pierced her heart whenever she had to collect books from her locker or when she had to put her bag or take her bag, depending on what time of day it was. It was horrible that one of the first things she saw whenever she went to school were those words all over the wooden door of her locker. It always caused her to want to cry and then she would get teased about that when her classmates saw her. She was just so tired and sick of it, but nobody would help her. Her teachers pretended it never happened and the cleaner had given up on cleaning her locker. The teachers used to ask him to clean it but awhile back, the cleaner told them that he didn’t want to anymore and it was useless because the next day it would happen again. Except for the times when they knew her parents were coming, they ignored it and she had to live with it.

As the pain started to overtake her, her fingers fumbled with the lock as another tear escaped her thickly lashed eyes. Opening her locker, she was glad that they hadn’t figured out her new combination and that none of her books were missing. Perhaps she should change to a key lock… but even then, they would pick her lock and steal her books just to torture her. They would go to any lengths to cause her pain. Once, she found a dead rat inside. The smell of decay lingered inside for days and that was the week she obtained permission to walk around with her bag. Unfortunately, her books were heavy and every day she had come home with a sore back. She would then just lie on bed, and not get much done at all. That week, her grades dropped from an A+ to a B+. Served her right they told her, it wasn’t fair to everyone else when she ruined their chances to get an A.

Her thin, bony fingers lingered on the spine of her biology book as she tried to remember if there was a test tomorrow. She hated trying to remember things, and thinking back. There was always a moment that she hated, that caused her pain. Having to think about it again was like pushing a shard of glass that she had taken out, right back into the healing wound on her heart.

She had no diary to look into and check because one of the girls had taken it from her today whilst the other pulled at her hair. Thick and ugly, they said as they poked fun at the curls she had inherited from her half French father, the curls that made her mother fall in love. They would’ve ripped out a chunk of it too, if she hadn’t decided to sacrifice her diary instead.

Better to be safe than sorry, as she tried to take it out. She was extra weak today as she hadn’t eaten lunch and her biology textbook was one of her heaviest ones. The walk home would be harder than usual today and she wasn’t looking forward to it one bit. Sighing, she wiped the tears off her cheek and let her bag thud against her back, causing her to nearly fall forwards. She glanced down at her dirty shoes and the dirt mark on her skirt and shuddered. She would have to make up another excuse for her parents today, one that didn’t involve her falling over. She had used it at least three times last week.


It hasn’t been edited and the name is a pending one. If you have other suggestions, particular french names, please let me know.

If you can think of a title, do let me know 🙂

And if you’re wondering, some of this is based on my past experiences at my old high school, before I left and went to the one I just graduated from.

I don’t know whether I should be offended or be happy…

1 Nov

that I’ve never been carded. I will occasionally buy wine or other alcoholic beverages and whenever I get to the register, there is a sign glaring at me that informs me that everyone that looks like they are under 25 will have to show proof of age to make a purchase. And I’ve never been carded. How do I take that? Should I be glad that I look older and more mature than my 18 years or do I feel offended that I look at least 7 years older than I really am?

I’ve had this issue for a while. Ever since I was about 14, I’ve never been told that I looked my age by a stranger. Or perhaps it started way before that… I don’t know. But even at 16, people were asking me which university I went to. They were always surprised that I was still in high school, and 16 at that. I probably could have gone into a liquor store and bought something without being carded (however my man told me that it wouldn’t work… so I didn’t try)

I never used to think that looking older was a bad thing since how could it be? Most girls my age were using makeup to attempt what I could be naturally. However, after graduating from year 12, I can’t help but feel like I never want to grow up. I want to be forever young and just be happy and carefree forever. It was my looks that stopped me before but now, my age has also caught up. I’m legally an adult and responsible for myself. It really sucks. It makes me think of  Taylor Swift’s Never Grow up which is a lovely song however it is quite irrelevant to me since these lyrics:

No one’s ever burned you
Nothing’s ever left you scarred

I’ve already lived beyond what she sings about… except moving out. I’ve grown up already but I wish I could be a kid again and be naive, innocent and happy. I know that being a kid stops one from doing the “fun” things in life like clubbing, driving, dating and drinking but seriously, those things aren’t all that great.

I know I don’t have the experience of clubbing or driving but honestly, what is so good about cramped and noisy spaces where you’re rubbing against a smelly stranger or car insurance and worrying about rocketing petrol prices? Drinking is nice but I only drink because I like the taste of it, not to get that high or to get wasted. I could easily make do with just normal lemonade. And as for dating? At this age, we’re more likely to get dumped and reject a thousand times before really finding “the one” and living happily ever after (although the rate of divorce is 50%, not something to look forward to either…)

I think I’ve rambled a bit here but I think I’ve decided that I am a bit offended that people think I’m old. It’s not easy nor nice and I would like to be forever young and youthful, rather than mature and burdened with adult problems.

NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month

1 Nov

I finished my English Exam today, thank God. However, I can’t help but feel saddened that it was my last English essay EVER. It is highly unlikely that I would continue my English studies in the future, no matter how much I would like to. It just isn’t a viable option. I don’t know if I did well, because I felt as if I had completely messed up. I was pretty confident last night, when I finished two of my final essays but I was completely unprepared for the topics. Added to that, I fell asleep. Yes, I know what you’re thinking… who falls asleep during an exam? Especially one that was so important? Well I did. I was just so exhausted and my eyes were so dry… worst day ever. I hope I get at least over 40… although it seems but a dream now when my tutor told me I could even get over 45… 😦

Back to more pleasant things…I do love to write and I’ll continue to blog and write my stories, however it just isn’t the same without deadlines and whatnot. Yeah I know, nobody likes deadlines but they create pressure for me which makes me want to write… well forces me to write really. So I’ve decided to do NaNoWriMo.

What is NaNoWriMo?

Well the National Novel Writing Month is dedicated to a month full writing with the goal towards having a novel that is 50,000 words long by November 30th.

It does sound really hard because for me, writing a thousand word chapter sometimes even feels difficult… but I’m going to give it a try and hope I make it at least close to completing it. I have no idea what I am going to write about but… something will come to me. I might use an outline I’ve done on my Wattpad that I never uploaded chapters to due to lack of concentration and inspiration beyond the synopsis. Warning: It will have love, angst, some violence perhaps and maybe even some smut… I don’t think it’ll contain humour though… I’m not a really funny person at all.

And yes, I should note that Australian English/British English DOES have the “u” in certain words such as humour and colour. So if you see it and assume I’ve made a spelling mistake, I haven’t. If there’s any other mistakes, let me know.