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Shall We date: Ninja Love

15 Oct

In Ninja Love, you’re the granddaughter of the chief priest at a temple. However, due to a series of events, you find out that you’re really a ninja princess and you’ve been asked to help out with their mission. Since travelling with a large group will attract too much attention, you’ve been told to pick a ninja (or doctor/samurai) to escort you to the village where all the allied ninja clans will be meeting.


Ninja love is playable in both English and Japanese and it also comes with background music. In the game, you could get three endings according to the choices you make: The Happy Ending, the Normal Ending and the Unhappy Ending. I’ll post the answers to the happy endings because they are the endings that give you the last CG (character graphic?).


There are 8 guys you can choose from and each guy has their own personality and unique storyline (although the events should remain relatively the same).


Base Game (Saizo, Sasuke, Kotaro): $5.49 AUD

Character Pack #1 ( Goemon & Musashi): $7.49 AUD

Character Pack #2 (Munenori & Rennoshin): $7.49 AUD

Character Pack #3 (Hanzo): $4.49 AUD

Side stories: $4.49 AUD each (There are 12 Side Stories)

I will include the following side stories for each character: Sweet Ceremony (4), Temptation Love (9) & First Anniversary (12). It is up to you whether you get the side stories or not. They don’t have letters or CG’s, they just provide a nice continuation for your guy/s and provide a little innocent smut.  I bought the three side stories because they were the three I were most interested in. They each provide two endings (Happy and Normal) but the main difference I noticed was that there was smut in the happy ending. Both endings warranted reading in my opinion. You won’t get an unhappy result.

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Review: I really enjoyed Ninja Love. The art was gorgeous and I fell in love with each and every man (although some took longer than others!). My favourite men were probably Musashi and Kotaro and my least favourite was probably Rennoshin because I didn’t feel as if he truly loved ‘me’. You might feel differently, who knows but you will surely fall in love with at least one of these men. I don’t want to spoil the storyline too much though so I’ll just say that I recommend this game 🙂