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Ninja Love: Sasuke Sarutobi Walkthrough

15 Oct

Sasuke is the most open about his feelings for you but because of his playful nature, you can’t tell if he’s being serious or not.


  • Job: Koga ninja
  • Weapon: Claws
  • Height: 190cm
NOTE: He’s still young, but he’s considered one of the biggest assets of the Koga clan. He’s as nimble as a monkey, and can fly from tree to tree, and he can take down enemies in a heartbeat. He still has some childish qualities to him, and he’s pretty reckless, but those are some of his strong points as well. His cheerfulness is especially invigorating.
In order to get the happy ending, these will be your choices.
A: I- I’m sorry!
B: I’m sorry…
B: I’m great!
B: W-what? What is it?
C: You can’t do that.
A: Neither are my type.
A: What? No!
B: Not really…
B: Ugh…
C: Sorry.
A: I can’t love.
A: Cheer him up.
A: Help him.
B: Don’t care.
C: Say nothing.
A: Hug.
A: Not Goemon.
B: Be silent.
A: Not so loud!
A: No…
C: …No.
A: Kiss cheek.
A: Tsubaki?
C: Stand strong!
B: What do I do?
C: No way!!!
These are your CGs
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1383099_10202273388463875_171579154_n 1383577_10202273388663880_882096269_n 1378585_10202273389663905_695527337_n
You will also get 10 letters from Sasuke in your mailbox.
1. Let’s do this.
2. I’m glad you’re not hurt
3. I’m serious!
4. You’re mine, my little *insert name*
5. Sorry
6. You’re so great
7. This has been the best day of my life
8. I’ll take care of you
9. My Lovely *insert name*
10. I love you
Sweet Ceremony: 
On our wedding day, I dressed in white. Everyone seems to disagree with me marrying the immature Sasuke. Especially Goemon and Rennoshin [who] never hide their feelings and asked ” Are you sure you’re making the right choice?”
A: No, it’s not!! (Happy Ending)
B: Sometimes… (Normal Ending)
Temptation Love:
You try not to let Saizo know that you feel lovely without Sasuke… “You[‘ve] become more attractive than you used [to] be.” Saizo’s gentle eyes drive you…
A; Do you mean you, Master Saizo? (Normal Ending)
B: Where? (Happy Ending)
First Anniversary:
He has to work on the wedding anniversary… You find he left his pass at home. You bring it to him in a mission!
A: Do CPR (Normal Ending)
B: Find herbs (Happy Ending)