Ninja Love: Munenori Yagyu Walkthrough

13 Jan

Munenori is the most mysterious guy out of the men. He’s cruel and cold but you’ll find him to be loving in the end. He’s probably the most beautiful and sexy.


  • Job: Yagyu
  • Weapon: Sword
  • Height: 182cm
NOTE: The leader of the Yagyu family, he’s famous as a tactician as well as a swordsman, making both a good warrior and good scholar. His actions are in the name of his family, and he is always rational. Few people know of his true feelings. The Yagyu family is known for it’s swordsmanship, but it seems some of them move around in the shadows just as much as ninjas do.
In order to get the happy ending, these will be your choices.
A: Thank him.
B: Wha, what?!
C: Don’t touch me!
B: That’s cute!
A: Speak up.
C: You poor thing.
A: …Yes.
B: Not true.
C: Shake head.
B: It feels strange.
C: Keep talking!
A: …I don’t know.
A: …I’m scared.
C: You did right!
C: Your thoughts.
B: You liar!
A: Yes.
C: Take off my…?!
B: I’m sorry…
A: I’m shaking…
C: Does it hurt?
A: Don’t tell me!
B: We part tonight?
A: The code?
B: …Okay.
C: Don’t die…
These are your CGs
1381616_10202206318627171_1565718366_n 946014_10202206318867177_1049798508_n 1380309_10202206319227186_964402129_n 1239912_10202206319387190_560248326_n 1379309_10202206319627196_1981300994_n 1383382_10202206319867202_1405573911_n
You will also get 7 letters from Munenori in your mailbox.
1. If you want me to protect you…
2. Cross me again…
3. Don’t slack off
4. Good job today
5. What’s wrong with you?
6. How’ve you been?
7. Sorry
Sweet Ceremony: 
Our wedding is getting near, nevertheless, they start talking about Munenori taking concubine. It’s Yagyu custom to marry few women to generate sufficient offspring. For the good of Yagyu clan I know I have to accept this but…
A:  Why would I be? (Normal ending)
B: Are you jealous? (Happy ending)
Temptation Love: 
You and Munenori come see a sword tournament. “If I win, come marry me.” Musashi’s offer surprises you. You’re already married to Munenori!
A: I’m already married (Happy Ending)
B: A- Alright. (Normal Ending)
First Anniversary:
He’s forgotten your wedding anniversary. “You can do whatever you want” He offers as an apology. You ask him…!
A: Okay (Normal Ending)
B: Not yet (Happy Ending)

Ninja Love: Musashi Miyamoto Walkthrough

2 Nov

Musashi is on the quest to prove his power and worth and he doesn’t care if he dies in pursuit. Musashi is my absolute favourite. His story is sweet and he’s probably my ideal guy.


  • Job: Ronin
  • Weapon: Two swords
  • Height: 187cm
NOTE: This master swordsman is known for fighting with 2 blades at a time. He doesn’t belong to any clan or region and his sole purpose is to find strong fighters. He has no interest in anything but swords, and it is said he doesn’t even think about anything else. Apparently, he’s pretty cute when he’s not carrying his swords, but once he grabs his blades, he becomes a merciless warrior. What will his quest for power lead to?
In order to get the happy ending, these will be your choices.
C: …
A: Why do this?
B: Fight back.
B: I was relieved.
A: I am pitiful.
C: It’s okay.
A: I was desperate.
B: Again?
C: Laugh.
A: You aren’t alone now.
B: I don’t want you hurt.
A: Is your sword so important?!
A: Not angry!
B: W-what?
C: You don’t have to.
B: Then why ask?
A: This isn’t your job.
B: As much as you want.
C: I’m not cute.
B: We will win!
A: Are you jealous?
B: Why did you bite me?
A: Please let him!
C: You already do!
B: All I need is you.
C: Don’t want that.
These are your CGs
1380614_10202273390863935_242400286_n 1384107_10202273391063940_252208556_n 1385319_10202273391383948_528433623_n
You will also get 8 letters from Musashi in your mailbox.
1. No title
2. Sorry
3. You’re kinda cool
4. Goodnight
5. No title
6. Make sure you’re taken care of all right?
7. You’re special
8. Don’t keep any secrets
Sweet Ceremony: 
Being violent and killing others was part of Musashi’s duty. Deep down, Musashi has somewhat worry about his present happiness. While the cocky Munenori, Musashi’s ally has always [had] a crush on me, certainly did not miss a chance to seduce me when there is any to tell me “I can be wild between the sheets”
A: No ! (Normal ending)
B: Okay. (Happy ending)
Temptation Love: 
Musashi’s teaching you sword fighting. “I wish I could protect you…” Hanzo holds you… his arms are different from Musashi’s…
A: You really are kind. (Normal ending)
B: Even so, I love Musashi. (Happy ending)
First Anniversary:
He practices swordplay even on your wedding anniversary… “Let’s have a bath” He takes off your kimono and…!
A: Stay (Happy ending)
B: Get out (Normal Ending)

Ninja Love: Goemon Ishikawa Walkthrough

18 Oct

Goemon is absolutely gorgeous and he knows it. He’s bossy and a complete womanizer but you will discover that that might just be a front…


  • Job: Iga ninja
  • Weapon: Giant throwing knives
  • Height: 185cm
NOTE: As a ninja he has great authoritative powers. He stands out a bit when moving on his own, but he takes his job seriously, and he can be trusted to do anything all by himself. However… He’s quite a bit of a player. He has been instructed not to lay his hands on you, princess.
In order to get the happy ending, these will be your choices.
A: Understood.
B: Reject.
B: Forbear.
A: I’m not giving up!
A: We have to stop this!
C: Th-thats…! (panicking)
B: I know that.
A:I was so glad…
B: Wait a minute!
C: Cry.
A: I’m not a good drinker…
C: It’s not the time to get depressed!
A: I’m very happy!
C: Stop him.
A: I’m prepared!
B: I can’t do that!
A: She is beautiful…
C: I’m not OK!
B: Please tell me the truth!
C: You’re kidding?
A: No i’m not.
C: No, I’ll go with him.
B: Of course!
C: I know it is!
A: I won’t allow it!
These are your CGs
1381745_10202273385703806_980538938_n 1377475_10202273385943812_2045862343_n 1094781_10202273386343822_748497038_n
1380415_10202273386663830_2100811543_n 1382783_10202273386983838_1314235051_n 644154_10202273387183843_654003899_n
You will also get 9 letters from Goemon in your mailbox.
1. I told you before…
2. Good job today
3. Come on, you!
4. Be careful!
5. Geez….
6. Sorry
7. Keep your chin up
8. Another good day
9. Sorry
Sweet Ceremony:
The day before our wedding, I overheard Kuma telling Lord Hanzo how Goemon seduced Kuma last night. I can’t believe what I heard. How could he even do this to me whilst the big day is getting so near?
A: You and Kuma… (Happy Ending)
B: I was worried. (Normal Ending)
Temptation Love: 
You feel jealous when you see Goemon surrounded by girls! During his absence, Sasuke visits you.,. You involuntarily bury your face in his chest….
A: Maybe I should. (Normal ending)
B: You and your jokes! (Happy ending)
First Anniversary:
He has to work late on your wedding anniversary… the date is cancelled. But he takes you to…!
A: Thank you! (Normal ending)
B: I Love you! (Happy ending)


Ninja Love: Kotaro Fuma walkthrough

17 Oct

Kotaro is the loyal, quiet and mysterious type. He’ll do anything to keep you safe but you’re going to be the one who’s making all the moves. He’s one of my favourite guys and he was the one I played first. 


  • Job: Fuma clan
  • Weapon: Matchlock
  • Height: 186cm
NOTE: An exemplary ninja, who is guaranteed to successfully complete any mission you give him. Considering the extreme difficulty of most of his tasks, this is saying enough. He doesn’t talk much, and he doesn’t seem to have many friends. It seems he’s had a rough past… But perhaps he will open up to you, princess.
In order to get the happy ending, these will be your choices.
B: I’m aware.
B: No, it’s fine.
C: Sorry.
C: Come sleep with me.
A: Alright.
B: It’s our chance!
A: I believe you.
C: I never said goodbye.
A: Who cares about a kimono?!
B:I just couldn’t help myself.
B: I feel so exhausted.
C: Of course I worry!
A: I could never!
B: It won’t help her!
B: …Really?
C: Am I causing trouble?
A: I’m important?
C: Kiss him again.
A: …
B: I’m not special.
A: Can I hold your hand?
B: I thought at least 10 or more…
C: Never.
A: I’m sorry.
C: I’ll get help!
B: I know.

These are your CGs

















1379341_10202273378783633_1431015580_n 1383032_10202273379023639_1923670398_n 1375277_10202273379263645_2128611010_n

















You will also get 6 letters from Kotaro in your mailbox.
1. Sorry about before
2. You must’ve been cold
3. I’m sorry
4. I have no regrets
5. It feels good to be honest
6. When all this is over…
Sweet Ceremony:
Our wedding will be held at Kanshinji Temple. My gramps doesn’t seem to like the quiet Kotaro. Instead, gramps ideal choice is the mature and noble Lord Hanzo. Kotaro started doubting his own decision of getting married, as he once lost his lover before…
A: Not as such… (Normal Ending)
B: Don’t be stupid! (Happy Ending)
Temptation Love:
Goemon looks sad when you worry about Kotaro… You can’t turn down Goemon when you hear his sad voice. You reluctantly let him…
A: I wouldn’t know (Happy Ending)
B: Of course! (Normal Ending)
First Anniversay:
You spend alone time together on your wedding anniversary. He gives you a massage… It is so sweet!
A: Forgive me! (Happy Ending) 
B: Use me! (Normal Ending)



Ninja Love: Sasuke Sarutobi Walkthrough

15 Oct

Sasuke is the most open about his feelings for you but because of his playful nature, you can’t tell if he’s being serious or not.


  • Job: Koga ninja
  • Weapon: Claws
  • Height: 190cm
NOTE: He’s still young, but he’s considered one of the biggest assets of the Koga clan. He’s as nimble as a monkey, and can fly from tree to tree, and he can take down enemies in a heartbeat. He still has some childish qualities to him, and he’s pretty reckless, but those are some of his strong points as well. His cheerfulness is especially invigorating.
In order to get the happy ending, these will be your choices.
A: I- I’m sorry!
B: I’m sorry…
B: I’m great!
B: W-what? What is it?
C: You can’t do that.
A: Neither are my type.
A: What? No!
B: Not really…
B: Ugh…
C: Sorry.
A: I can’t love.
A: Cheer him up.
A: Help him.
B: Don’t care.
C: Say nothing.
A: Hug.
A: Not Goemon.
B: Be silent.
A: Not so loud!
A: No…
C: …No.
A: Kiss cheek.
A: Tsubaki?
C: Stand strong!
B: What do I do?
C: No way!!!
These are your CGs
1394415_10202273387503851_645537577_n 1393772_10202273387903861_1750039199_n 1381909_10202273388103866_772496614_n
1383099_10202273388463875_171579154_n 1383577_10202273388663880_882096269_n 1378585_10202273389663905_695527337_n
You will also get 10 letters from Sasuke in your mailbox.
1. Let’s do this.
2. I’m glad you’re not hurt
3. I’m serious!
4. You’re mine, my little *insert name*
5. Sorry
6. You’re so great
7. This has been the best day of my life
8. I’ll take care of you
9. My Lovely *insert name*
10. I love you
Sweet Ceremony: 
On our wedding day, I dressed in white. Everyone seems to disagree with me marrying the immature Sasuke. Especially Goemon and Rennoshin [who] never hide their feelings and asked ” Are you sure you’re making the right choice?”
A: No, it’s not!! (Happy Ending)
B: Sometimes… (Normal Ending)
Temptation Love:
You try not to let Saizo know that you feel lovely without Sasuke… “You[‘ve] become more attractive than you used [to] be.” Saizo’s gentle eyes drive you…
A; Do you mean you, Master Saizo? (Normal Ending)
B: Where? (Happy Ending)
First Anniversary:
He has to work on the wedding anniversary… You find he left his pass at home. You bring it to him in a mission!
A: Do CPR (Normal Ending)
B: Find herbs (Happy Ending)

Ninja Love: Saizo Kirigakure Walkthrough

15 Oct

Saizo is the tsundere of the group. At the beginning of the story he’ll be cruel and cold to you but as you progress along, he’ll slowly warm up to you.


  • Job: Koga ninja
  • Weapon: Sickle & chain
  • Height: 182cm
 A master of disguise, and more intangible than fog. He is especially adapt at infiltrating enemy territory and gathering intelligence by using disguises. He may feel cold and distant, but he takes good care of his subordinates, and he is generally well-liked.
In order to get the happy ending, these will be your choices. 
B: Help out.
B: Turn away.
B: Just stay put.
A: Yeah, but…
A: I understand.
C: Hug him too.
B: Don’t worry!
A: Put on a brave front.
C: We’re not done yet…!
B: I don’t want you to get injured!
B: I’ll fight too.
A: Hold his hand.
C: … … …
B: Nobody will die.
C: Wait!
B: It’s everyone’s combined effort.
C: Hug him.
B: I dunno…
A: You can’t!
A: Let’s escape.
B: Look for something.
B: Me first.
B: Deny it.
A: NO!
C: Okay.
A: Jump out!
These are your CGs
1379472_10202273373503501_1174360564_n 1385967_10202273373703506_510970067_n 1380296_10202273373943512_156302988_n
You will also get 6 letters from Saizo in your mailbox.
1: Better watch out
2: Geez…
3: I have to admit…
4: Delete this when you’ve read it
5: Don’t worry
6: I’ll protect you
Sweet Ceremony:
2 Days until our wedding. Saizo was busy on a mission as usual. Womanizer Goemon teased me as he wouldn’t mind replacing Saizo as my groom…
A. I think I will (Normal Ending)
B: I won’t. (Happy Ending)
Temptation Love:
You planned to go on a mission with Saizo, but you’re sick in bed with a cold. Kotaro takes care of you and wipes out your tears gently…
A. Thank you, Master Kotaro (Normal Ending)
B. It’s alright. (Happy Ending)
First Anniversary:
You welcome him with a special dinner! But he doesn’t get surprised… He’s forgotten your wedding anniversary?!
A. Buy a present. (Normal Ending)
B. Make Dinner (Happy Ending)

Shall We date: Ninja Love

15 Oct

In Ninja Love, you’re the granddaughter of the chief priest at a temple. However, due to a series of events, you find out that you’re really a ninja princess and you’ve been asked to help out with their mission. Since travelling with a large group will attract too much attention, you’ve been told to pick a ninja (or doctor/samurai) to escort you to the village where all the allied ninja clans will be meeting.


Ninja love is playable in both English and Japanese and it also comes with background music. In the game, you could get three endings according to the choices you make: The Happy Ending, the Normal Ending and the Unhappy Ending. I’ll post the answers to the happy endings because they are the endings that give you the last CG (character graphic?).


There are 8 guys you can choose from and each guy has their own personality and unique storyline (although the events should remain relatively the same).


Base Game (Saizo, Sasuke, Kotaro): $5.49 AUD

Character Pack #1 ( Goemon & Musashi): $7.49 AUD

Character Pack #2 (Munenori & Rennoshin): $7.49 AUD

Character Pack #3 (Hanzo): $4.49 AUD

Side stories: $4.49 AUD each (There are 12 Side Stories)

I will include the following side stories for each character: Sweet Ceremony (4), Temptation Love (9) & First Anniversary (12). It is up to you whether you get the side stories or not. They don’t have letters or CG’s, they just provide a nice continuation for your guy/s and provide a little innocent smut.  I bought the three side stories because they were the three I were most interested in. They each provide two endings (Happy and Normal) but the main difference I noticed was that there was smut in the happy ending. Both endings warranted reading in my opinion. You won’t get an unhappy result.

1391596_10202273509746907_563777534_n 1383537_10202273508906886_2036032906_n 994607_10202273507826859_777860457_n

Review: I really enjoyed Ninja Love. The art was gorgeous and I fell in love with each and every man (although some took longer than others!). My favourite men were probably Musashi and Kotaro and my least favourite was probably Rennoshin because I didn’t feel as if he truly loved ‘me’. You might feel differently, who knows but you will surely fall in love with at least one of these men. I don’t want to spoil the storyline too much though so I’ll just say that I recommend this game 🙂