Otome Games

15 Oct

I’m not sure whether this may come as a surprise to you all or not, but I play otome games. An otome game is simply a visual novel that has a female protagonist, and is made for a female audience – usually a dating simulation game although there are a few titles that do not involve romance developing between you and the other characters. I play them on my iphone because it’s easiest for me but I think I’ll end up buying a few on amazon when I purchase a nintendo 3ds at the end of the year. They’re really fun and if you’re a fangirl like me, you’ll end up smiling and getting caught up in the story that you’re weaving yourself into.

There are a few companies that create otome games for IOS in english like Libre, Voltage and Ntt Solmare. My favourite games are all made by Ntt Solmare because they offer the best prices and the stories are instant. What I mean by that is that whilst there are English otome games that are free, they come with a price – your time. They work by giving you a limited amount of energy each day and they can take about a month to complete the whole volumes. The most popular distributor for these games is probably Voltage who label them as “For Gree” which is a japanese social networking site. There are quite a few of them ranging from situations such as bodyguards to celebrities and knights. Then you’ve got the other free ones – the ones from Voltage that offer you the games free to download which usually just provides you with the prologue. You’ve got to purchase each guy separately and each guy costs approximately $4.50 in the Aus Apple Store. The storylines that Voltage have are really interesting and the art is also gorgeous (as with most of the otome games I’ve seen for iphone) but they will probably clean out your apple accounts.

Libre has one game for offer which is called 2/2 Lover – Angels and Demons. This one is free and it is probably the most beautiful I’ve played. Everyday you get one pink heart for the character you tap the most the previous day and they will build up to lead you into the next stage of your relationship. The two characters show up depending on the time of the day but you can switch their times around. Hinata (the angel) will offer you a fortune reading each day but that’s in japanese. The best thing about this app is that the characters are animated and speak. Yes, they have japanese voices (but you can read the words in english) and they also provide incentive for you to log on every day as you get rewards as alarms. The first reward I received was an alarm with Hinata’s voice. The second which I’m currently going for is Setsuna’s voice. The additional purchases made for this app is for the last stage and to limit the amount of blue hearts that you can accumulate (which pushes your progress backwards) and they cost $5.50 each.

Ntt Solmare have three free games and six paid games under the ‘Shall we date’ banner. Their three free games are the ones which involve a social component : Destiny Ninja, Ninja Love for Gree and My Sweet Prince+. Their paid games are: Heian Love, Ninja Love, My Sweet prince, Actor to be, Konkatsu for Marriage and a newly released one with actual human models, In Love: Memories can’t wait. I am currently playing Destiny Ninja and Ninja Love but I’m up to the final character and my next one will probably be My Sweet Prince. I’ve finished Konkatsu For Marriage (which I LOVED) and I’ve got Heian Love but the art wasn’t as great so I stopped playing for awhile however Heian Love is the one with the best bang for your buck as it provided me with 5 characters when I purchased it. I probably won’t bother with Actor to be and In Love as the art isn’t as nice as I’d like.

I think I’ll create walkthroughs for The Ninja in Love game and maybe the others if I can be bothered. I know there are a few walkthroughs available on the net but they didn’t include the walkthrough for the side stories. So if you’re interested, watch this space.

In the meantime, otome games are great fun even if you’re dating someone and you’ll surely fall in love as I did.



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