Ninja Love: Saizo Kirigakure Walkthrough

15 Oct

Saizo is the tsundere of the group. At the beginning of the story he’ll be cruel and cold to you but as you progress along, he’ll slowly warm up to you.


  • Job: Koga ninja
  • Weapon: Sickle & chain
  • Height: 182cm
 A master of disguise, and more intangible than fog. He is especially adapt at infiltrating enemy territory and gathering intelligence by using disguises. He may feel cold and distant, but he takes good care of his subordinates, and he is generally well-liked.
In order to get the happy ending, these will be your choices. 
B: Help out.
B: Turn away.
B: Just stay put.
A: Yeah, but…
A: I understand.
C: Hug him too.
B: Don’t worry!
A: Put on a brave front.
C: We’re not done yet…!
B: I don’t want you to get injured!
B: I’ll fight too.
A: Hold his hand.
C: … … …
B: Nobody will die.
C: Wait!
B: It’s everyone’s combined effort.
C: Hug him.
B: I dunno…
A: You can’t!
A: Let’s escape.
B: Look for something.
B: Me first.
B: Deny it.
A: NO!
C: Okay.
A: Jump out!
These are your CGs
1379472_10202273373503501_1174360564_n 1385967_10202273373703506_510970067_n 1380296_10202273373943512_156302988_n
You will also get 6 letters from Saizo in your mailbox.
1: Better watch out
2: Geez…
3: I have to admit…
4: Delete this when you’ve read it
5: Don’t worry
6: I’ll protect you
Sweet Ceremony:
2 Days until our wedding. Saizo was busy on a mission as usual. Womanizer Goemon teased me as he wouldn’t mind replacing Saizo as my groom…
A. I think I will (Normal Ending)
B: I won’t. (Happy Ending)
Temptation Love:
You planned to go on a mission with Saizo, but you’re sick in bed with a cold. Kotaro takes care of you and wipes out your tears gently…
A. Thank you, Master Kotaro (Normal Ending)
B. It’s alright. (Happy Ending)
First Anniversary:
You welcome him with a special dinner! But he doesn’t get surprised… He’s forgotten your wedding anniversary?!
A. Buy a present. (Normal Ending)
B. Make Dinner (Happy Ending)

2 Responses to “Ninja Love: Saizo Kirigakure Walkthrough”

  1. della January 22, 2014 at 5:15 pm #

    When I chossen “I fight to” I got close.

    • missahful January 24, 2014 at 11:17 am #

      The game closed on you? I don’t know why that happened :S It might just be a glitch?

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