Five Fantasy Faces

18 Mar


So I was tagged by heartofparadise to do a post on the personalities of the five people I would surround myself with and bleed into my own self. This was no easy feat because well, I don’t have too many problems with myself or I’ve tried to stop myself from even thinking about it. However, I did manage to make a list.

1. Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon absolutely cracks me up with his blunt honesty and his inability to comprehend the social norms. I also utterly adore his confidence in himself. It’s really something to aspire to for me since I have minimal confidence in my own intelligence. I always second guess my answers and it’s quite a bad trait.

Image2. Sherlock Holmes

Since I haven’t really watched many versions of this man, I am referring to the Sherlock in Elementary portrayed by Johnny Lee Miller and the Sherlock in Sherlock Holmes portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. However I do believe that the characteristics should all be the same – highly intelligent men who know absolutely everything and can solve any crime possible. I wouldn’t want their drug addictions though, just their abilities to decipher information about a person from seemingly minimal amounts of information.



3. Luna Lovegood

As the Harry Potter Wiki puts it: Luna was an extremely quirky girl with a serene disposition and many eccentric beliefs and qualities. She was a complete nonconformist; she lacked self-consciousness and wasn’t afraid to show who she truly was. Luna was also highly intelligent and unusually perceptive.

Luna is my absolute female idol. I don’t know how to put it into any other way. Although most would perceive her as a weirdo, I found her interesting. If she lived in this day and age, she would be a diamond among diamantes. Where we all strive to turn ourselves into the image society deems as “perfect”, she turns away from that and doesn’t even take notice of it. She has achieved zen (as in she’s understood and accepted herself fully, therefore finding true happiness)


4. Narcissa Malfoy

Okay, I know that a lot of people would be saying ‘what the eff’ to this but I still think she belongs on this list. Narcissa may be proud, cold and she may discriminate against those who aren’t pure bloods, but Narcissa truly loved her family and would do anything to keep them safe. That is the part about her that I admire, how she was able to put aside her pride and actually make Snape make the unbreakable vow with her in order to keep Draco safe. There are various instances in the novels that Narcissa does what she has to, in order to protect her family.

main-helen-mccrory5. Hermione Granger

I’m not sure I need to explain this. Hermione is quite a female icon. She’s intelligent and unafraid to show it; she’s courageous yet level-headed; and she’s highly protective of her friends and of the weak. Every list should have Hermione somewhere on it.

hermione granger


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