Grocery Run

2 Dec

I discovered this shopping site that had really good deals and while I was making a different purchase (which I will later show you) , I found one of it’s other programs called Grocery Run. You can either buy from online or the app from the Apple Store.

There is a flat rate delivery price of $11 which I think is quite reasonable since you can buy as much as you want and groceries are pretty heavy! There are different deals everyday with a lot of goods that run for several days (from what I’ve seen). The run I purchased from was the one with lollies and it came within a few days of purchase! I think I ordered on Saturday and received my items on Wednesday.


2 x Herbal Essences Curls & Waves Cond. 300ml $5.00
2 x Huggies Soft Skin Baby Wipes 64pk $4.94
1 x Maynards Wine Gums 540g $5.99
1 x Haribo Strawberry Sour Straps 1.2Kg $6.50
1 x Maoam Kracher Fruity Chews 1.2kg $6.50
1 x Bassett Jelly Babies 540g $5.99
1 x Organix Coconut Milk Hair Repair 237ml $6.91

That was my order. I thought it was reasonably priced, even with the shipping included. The Herbal Essences conditioner was very well priced ($2.50 each in comparison to the $7 at Safeway!)


Maoam Kracher Fruity Chews

These are like mentos… except they are bigger and last longer! They aren’t the same flavours though but honestly, for the price I have no complaints. It’s like 1/15 of this for $2 at the shops. I bought this 1.2 kg for only $6.50.


Haribo Strawberry Sour Straps

One word: YUMMY!!!

You usually buy a small fraction of this at stores for $3-$5. I’ve been eating these like CRAZY! They are so yummy… It was worth it!


Bassett Jelly Babies and Maynards Wine Gums

They are lollie brands from the UK and so I decided to try them as they are supposed to be favourites of theirs. I decided… I didn’t like them that much. They are okay and I didn’t mind paying for them but yeah. I like Aussie and Asian lollies better. And these are definitely NOT like the normal aussie lollies, especially the jellybabies. They are coated in this white powder which I presume is supposed to preserve them and the texture is funny.


Huggies Soft Skin Baby Wipes

Okay, no I do not have a baby. I buy these for a different reason. You know how they say “as soft as a babies bum” when they refer to skin? Yeah well these work a treat as makeup removal wipes. They aren’t as expensive and honestly, if it’s good enough for the a baby’s bum, its good enough for my face (as weird as that sounds).


I highly recommend this grocery shopping service, especially if you don’t go to costco. Most of the items are in packs of 2 and they are nicely priced. They arrive quickly and completely intact and maybe you’ll find your bargain of the day.


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