I don’t know whether I should be offended or be happy…

1 Nov

that I’ve never been carded. I will occasionally buy wine or other alcoholic beverages and whenever I get to the register, there is a sign glaring at me that informs me that everyone that looks like they are under 25 will have to show proof of age to make a purchase. And I’ve never been carded. How do I take that? Should I be glad that I look older and more mature than my 18 years or do I feel offended that I look at least 7 years older than I really am?

I’ve had this issue for a while. Ever since I was about 14, I’ve never been told that I looked my age by a stranger. Or perhaps it started way before that… I don’t know. But even at 16, people were asking me which university I went to. They were always surprised that I was still in high school, and 16 at that. I probably could have gone into a liquor store and bought something without being carded (however my man told me that it wouldn’t work… so I didn’t try)

I never used to think that looking older was a bad thing since how could it be? Most girls my age were using makeup to attempt what I could be naturally. However, after graduating from year 12, I can’t help but feel like I never want to grow up. I want to be forever young and just be happy and carefree forever. It was my looks that stopped me before but now, my age has also caught up. I’m legally an adult and responsible for myself. It really sucks. It makes me think of  Taylor Swift’s Never Grow up which is a lovely song however it is quite irrelevant to me since these lyrics:

No one’s ever burned you
Nothing’s ever left you scarred

I’ve already lived beyond what she sings about… except moving out. I’ve grown up already but I wish I could be a kid again and be naive, innocent and happy. I know that being a kid stops one from doing the “fun” things in life like clubbing, driving, dating and drinking but seriously, those things aren’t all that great.

I know I don’t have the experience of clubbing or driving but honestly, what is so good about cramped and noisy spaces where you’re rubbing against a smelly stranger or car insurance and worrying about rocketing petrol prices? Drinking is nice but I only drink because I like the taste of it, not to get that high or to get wasted. I could easily make do with just normal lemonade. And as for dating? At this age, we’re more likely to get dumped and reject a thousand times before really finding “the one” and living happily ever after (although the rate of divorce is 50%, not something to look forward to either…)

I think I’ve rambled a bit here but I think I’ve decided that I am a bit offended that people think I’m old. It’s not easy nor nice and I would like to be forever young and youthful, rather than mature and burdened with adult problems.


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