30 Oct



I once knew a girl.

She was an ordinary girl.
She was not handsome nor talented,
but did possess a curious mind.
And so, she spent much of her time observing,
She wanted, simply, to be as clever as she was ordinary.

She was a strange soul.
Each morning she would ask herself,
whether she had any fears, or regrets.
And each morning she would lie and say,
that could not be –
it simply could not be.

Instead, wanting to be strong,
she pretended she had no fears,
and told herself each day that nothing was wrong.

She did not want to fall,
or disappoint;
and most of all, she did not want to fear.

But, it was the case that
she had a million fears still to face,
a thousand dark closets yet to unpack,
and a hundred times still to fall.

She was afraid of many…

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