Flying Chicken

27 Oct

Flying Chicken (or Yami Yami which is what it’s called now) is a korean restaurant located on Lonsdale Street. My friends and I decided to have korean after our festivities and many photos on Muck Up Day.

The day itself was quite fun ( or it would’ve been if I was on time for it ><“) with a pancake breakfast organised by the teachers and a jumping castle. I brought my DSLR to school and took quite a few photos of my friends and I which ended up quite nice. We also had assembly that nearly brought tears to my eyes. I can’t wait until I get my copy of the year 12 video!

I dressed up as a rockstar, complete with silver+leather jewellery, black boots, mini skirt and red lipstick. I did the look with my best friend J who looked great! Everybody else also looked great. A, S & L dressed up as rock paper scissors which i thought was fun. Another beloved blogger N dressed up as Mulan and her costume was perfect! C & A.K were Super Girl and Wonder Woman – they got heaps of male attention on the way to the restaurant xD

Anyways, back to the food. I booked ahead because we had quite a few people and I didn’t want to make them go all the way for nothing. When we got in, it was empty except for a lone diner. As lunch progressed, more and more people came in. Anyhow, we were seated at the back. They joined two tables together.

The View from the back.

The back wall

The Kitchen

The tables had these cool buttons that we could push when we wanted service. A.F liked pushing it heaps!

I’m not sure what everybody else ordered but I ordered Beef Bulgogi as usual and my best friend J ordered the special lunch Bibimbap which seems to be her usual as well.

My Beef Bulgogi & the usual sides: kimchi, gamja jorim (potato) and kongnamul (sprout salad)

The Beef bulgogi was nice. There was a lot of beef and onion. It was slightly spicy I think, more savoury than the sweeter bulgogi I had at Seoul Metro. I liked the kimchi side dish. I don’t think it was the cabbage one I was used to but a sweeter one. The gamja jorim was YUM! It was sweet and soft, we all loved that side dish. The kongnamul was plain, like usual.

J’s bibimbap

Spicy! I couldn’t even taste the beef bulgogi after eating a spoonful of this. It’s more spicy and flavoursome than the bibimbap at Seoul Metro but apparently not as good as Oriental Spoon (according to J)

Rating 82.5%

Service: 5/5

The waitress tried her best to be helpful and was quite cheerful and sweet. She never lost patience with us. The waiter was also cute 😛

Ambience: 4/5

It was a nice place to eat with friends – not too noisy for conversation and it was clean and not too bright. However, a mark is taken off for the music. it didn’t quite match.

Food: 4/5

It was nice and the dishes were big.

Price: 3.5/5

On par with other Korean places I’ve been too. Around 15-20$ per person.

You can find other reviews and pictures here


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