Last day of High School

22 Oct

Today was my final day of classes. It was filled with a lot of photos, dress signing and smiling. I’m sure tomorrow we will all be hit with tears however today was a day of celebration.

For today’s dressup theme, we were to redesign our summer school dress and wear it to school. I redid the neckline and studded it however my sister says that my collar was a bit uneven but it was a great attempt, at least I hope so. It took me hours to do for the short amount of time I was going to actually to wear it. I got it signed by several of my friends and most of my teachers (one of my favourite ones was “Why sin? Because we tan.” which was a classic Mr.G).

I had all 5 of my classes today which i think was a fantastic end to my high school classes. I sat there and talked with friends, signed their dresses and did not much else. There wasn’t really much to do at all. I also bought gifts for my teachers (some were personal and some were class combined).

I feel like this was a major part of my life however, I can’t seem to muster enough words to describe this day at all. I just know that I feel a bit relieved and a whole lot worried. I’m worried because the end of high school means that we are to enter the wider community and be independent. We are no longer supported by our teachers. We are no longer reminded about what we need to do. It means we have to grow up which is a scary thing.

I think I’ve already got the maturity of someone who is beyond 18 years of age already, however I always had that part of me that was still a child. The part that put on a school uniform and went to classes and listened to my teachers. The part that was allowed to get some slack because I was still a child. Now, I’m not. It feels weird. Honestly, I’m not sure I want to go to university. I feel that it’s quite scary becasue the workload isn’t as well paced as high school (according to some) and it’s even further than my current school (If I get into my first choice course anyway). I won’t have a cheap yearly ticket anymore which is a major source of concern for me as I will have to pay a huge amount of money to get to university, on top the of the book costs and university fees.

It’s my last day of High School however, it’s also the beginning of an independent, worrisome journey. I hope everything ends up well….


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