More La Belle Miette

17 Oct

Hi Guys!

So one of my goals is to try all the macarons at La Belle Miette however, everytime I go I always buy at least one Violet & Blueberry macarons (I LOVE THESE. My favourite flavour). I have to set myself some goals that each time I try a new one however I’m usually put off by some flavours.

This time I tried ‘Bastille’ – Moet et Chandon and Blackcurrant, Mariage Freres Earl Grey Chocolate, Lavender, Pimm’s & Pomegranate & Raspberry.

Bastille – Moet et Chandon and Blackcurrant.

I quite like this one. It’s one with champagne and blackcurrant. On the first bite, I could taste the sweet bubbliness of the macaron and then accompanied by a lighter blackcurrant taste. It is one of the premium ones which cost the 0.30$ extra.

Mariage Freres Earl Grey Chocolate

This is a really interesting flavour. I really like this one. It really is a mix of chocolate and earl grey tea. First, you get a taste of the tea which slowly melts into a chocolatey/tea taste. It reminds me of warm spices? I’m not sure it is for everyone though. I quite like it however, it seems as if it could be somewhat of an acquired taste for some.


This one was sweet, with a tinge of lavender taste. I could smell a faint scent of lavender as well. Nice, but not interesting or particularly special except for the fact that it is lavender. I liked the lavender shell and the cream coloured flavouring.

Pimm’s and pomegranate. 

This one is fuchsia coloured. I’ve never had any Pimms myself but I am intrigued and will probably purchase a bottle for the summer. Anyways, this macaron is quite fruity. I usually have pomegranate juice that is quite concentrated and sweet so I’m not entirely sure I know the taste.

and lastly, Raspberry.

Not to be confused by the fuchsia of the Pimms and Pomegranate, this one is a red with a fuchsia tinge. It is most definitely raspberry flavoured which was sweet. The raspberry taste is different to the Raspberry and Chocolate one though, if my memory serves correctly.

I’m not sure if this is wrong but there seems to a difference between the Macarons I purchase at the store on Hardware Lane and the pop up store at Chadstone. The ones at Hardware lane or crunchier and more prone to smashing – if my memory is correct. Nevertheless, the macarons are quite tasty and I urge you to try some, particular my recommendations:)

14 down, 4 to go.

I’ve just realised that I’ve tried lemon, pistachio and hazlenut and I haven’t reviewed them. I’m really sorry but I don’t have the photos for these and I didn’t like them however you might, so do try anyways.

Hazlenut: It was a heavy hazlenut flavour which really isn’t my thing. I know its a popular flavour though? It was just too heavy and decadent for me.

Lemon: Have you ever tried any of those biscuits that are supposed to be lemon flavoured cream? It tastes like that.

Pistachio: I can’t actually review this one because to me it just tasted weird. I didn’t like it. It is also another popular one you might like to try yourself.


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