Broken Angel

15 Oct

This is a story I started a while ago, but haven’t finished. I will eventually finish it *fingers crossed* over my upcoming holidays – i.e after I finish high school.


This is my inspiration: 

Have you ever felt lost before? Like you made the wrong decision and ended up on the darkest road – the road to a journey you never wanted to take. Well right now, that’s where I am. I’m lost.

Everyone always says that there’s a bright light at the end of every dark tunnel, that we will emerge for the better, brighter ending that we couldn’t have imagined before. Well I say that that is absolute crap. They haven’t been in my shoes nor do they know me, so how can they say that? If they don’t know the journey itself, or the two possible endings, how can they compare them?

Well I suppose this sounds dreary and you think it’ll get better because I’ll meet my Prince Charming and he’ll rescue me from all my problems and make everything better, but no, it won’t work out like that. It won’t be sunshine and rainbows for me. If you’re still interested, you can keep reading my story but I’ll warn you beforehand, this is not the classic girl is sad, girl meets guy, he makes everything better and they live happily ever after. My story is sad, happy, gritty, confronting and is not for the faint or romantic of heart.

My name is Lianna and I’m a normal 17 year old girl in her final year of high school. I will occasionally play sports, have absolutely no aptitude with music and have no skill that I could say I do better than anyone else. I have no siblings and no pets. I live in an average suburb and attend an average school. I’m average. There isn’t anything about me that particularly stands out at all.

You may scoff and tell me that I’m just being modest but I believe in honesty and I wouldn’t lie to you. I’m of an average height and average looks – average brown chest-length hair, average brown eyes, average body. Boring right? What will probably interest you are my experiences and my thoughts.

You will find the following chapters on my wattpad page or here.


3 Responses to “Broken Angel”

  1. HeartOfParadise October 20, 2012 at 8:39 am #

    It’s good! I read the rest on wattpad, and was quite sad when it ended on the fourth chapter. Post more, m’dear?

    • missahful October 21, 2012 at 3:06 am #

      Yeah I definitely will! When I finish my physics exam, that will be one of the first things I do these long holidays =D
      Thanks for reading it^^

      • HeartOfParadise October 26, 2012 at 3:40 am #

        WOOP! Can’t wait.
        I hate how everything’s on hold until exams are over. Damn you exams, damn you.

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